Avoid the Thanksgiving Holiday Weight Gain

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid the Thanksgiving Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is fast approaching us and so is the opportunity to pack on a bunch of pounds. As any HotMama knows, holiday weight gain can totally derail all of your good efforts at staying slim and healthy throughout the year. You may not think one day will damage you but it can and does. On average, your daily caloricĀ  intake should be around 2000 calories a day, but on Thanksgiving, that tips the scale at 4500 calories and 229 grams of fat. So indulging for the day (and we know it’s more than just one day) can really have impact. So to help you avoid the weight gain, try deficit eating – eating a few fewer calories each day leading up the event.
Also, the majority of the calories on a big holiday are consumed during pre-meal snack and pickings… like cheese and crackers and a taste of this and a taste of that. Not to mention the extra glass or two of wine you have to deal with it all.

So – get your willpower on and try to avoid the snacks – no, you will not be so hungry that you will scarf down a whole turkey at dinner – because you’re going to use another trick to avoid that.

If you’re cooking or helping in the kitchen, beware the licks and tastes. Chew gum as way to keep stray bit of turkey and pie crusts out of your mouth. Ask someone else to be the taster.

Use a little will power when it comes to the wine as well. At 100 calories a glass, a few can really add up – so add ice to dilute it and make them last longer, or turn them into spritzers. Also drink plenty of water. A HotMama enjoys a beverage but knows that a hangover is definitely not hot. So hydrate well and try drinking your water from a wine glass – it will feel more festive.

So with a few key strategies, you can avoid the Thanksgiving holiday weight gain. Next up will give you some tips on how to survive party season.