Pink v. Blue – Will The Traditional Baby Colours For The Genders Last?

Over the past many decades, many gender stereotypes have been eliminated.  But there’s nonetheless at least one that stands strong without any indication that it is heading anywhere soon – pink v. blue. Needless to say, what I mean by pink v. blue is baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue.  Hence while we consider nothing of girls playing ball and boys dressing up, are you prepared to dress your baby boy in a pink outfit? Most likely not.   Most parents are actually willing to dress baby girls in blue.

Pink for girls and blue for boys is so ingrained in our society that any individual who encounters a baby in blue considers the baby is a boy, and similarly, thinks babies dressed in pink are girls.  There is nothing incorrect with these assumptions, until eventually, naturally, you choose to dress your baby girl in blue.  Keep in mind that you will find many baby hues other than pink and blue.  White, pale yellow and pale green are great choices for babies, male and female.

There is several query concerning whether a girl becoming obsessed with pink will impair the growth of her individuality.  What your baby will wear has small influence on whether your little girl will be a tom-boy or girly girl. It is true that as they age, girly girls wear far more clothes that are pink than tom-boys do.

Essentially, what a baby wears has practically nothing related to the baby’s personality.  Why? Well definitely the baby has no choice in what he or she wears – father and mother do the buying and dressing.  Therefore if you want to see your little girl in pink, by all means, outfit her in pink.  If you wish to see your boy in macho colors like blue, dress him in blue. Nevertheless, should you detest pink, do not dress your little girl in pink.

When you are buying a baby present for a buddy or acquaintance and you are aware of the gender of the baby, it is perfectly appropriate to purchase pink for girls and blue for boys.  Almost all any parent will dress a girl in pink and boy in blue whether or not the color is not his or her favorite. But, finally, it is the parents’ decision what baby wears, at least until he or she is old enough to speak an opinion.  That is when the true excitement commences.

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