Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Sweater

Thomas asks…

Where can I buy a tacky Christmas sweater?

I have a tacky sweater Christmas party this Saturday.. and does anyone know where I can buy one?

richmama answers:

Second hand store? You might find a terrible 80s one 🙂

Betty asks…

How to look sexy at a tacky christmas sweater party?

I’m going to a tacky christmas sweater party tonight….and I want to follow the theme. However, I also want to look sexy because its a college football party. I’m a 21yr old girl by the way.

Any suggestions?

richmama answers:

I like the white sweater, skinny jeans, and boots look my self. Maybe curl your hair, and play up the make up.

Sharon asks…

What’s the best way to make a super tacky Christmas sweater?

We are somewhat snowed in…my job is closed today…so I’m at home bored to tears. My husband wants me to make him a super tacky sweater to wear to work tomorrow for a contest.

What should I get at Joann’s fabrics?
Laurie…those ones on ebay are perfectly tacky! 🙂 I wish I had time to just order one!

richmama answers:

If only he gave you some more notice…Ebay has super ugly Christmas sweaters…they are actually called “ugly Christmas sweaters”. I would say take a look at some of them and see if you can copy one of them. Take a look at these:

~ See Jen, the TD fairy doesn’t just follow you around…it doesn’t like me either 🙁

Mary asks…

Do you think Marshall’s would have a tacky christmas sweater?

I need a tacky christmas sweater or vest, very last minute, so I can’t order one off line. Do you think Marshalls would have them? what other stores might carry them? please help.
I already checked walmart and sears. thanks for those suggestions tho.
I went to all the stores mentioned so far as wella s several others and no one has them this year. Kohls had some holiday sweaters but no crazy tacky ones. Thanks for the help anyway!

richmama answers:

Tacky Christmas Sweater abound EVERYWHERE… Try Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Kmart and on and on. Or break out your bedazzler and make your own! 😉

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