Your Questions About Reading Pictures Clip Art

Mary asks…

Where can I find a precious moments clip art and or picture?

Since it’s Christmastime I was looking for some pictures to display around the house. I saw a window cling picture of precious moments that I loved! It was a blond haired girl and a brown haired boy they were decorating the Christmas tree. The little girl put the star over his head. And the caption read “you’re my favorite star” Please help me find this clip art!

richmama answers:

I tried finding pictures for it but couldn’t. )=
Here are some other christmas precious moments pictures though!


Linda asks…

When I try to use clip art from Word or PowerPoint an error code pops up and it shuts down.?

I tried to copy and paste a picture into word. Now when I try to use clip art in Word or PowerPoint a pop-up box reads “Clip Organizer cannot complete the operation: Error Code 0X800C0008. Does anybody know how to fix this?

Please don’t say to uninstall and reinstall. I have lots of papers and information in these program and cannot lose it.

richmama answers:

Im just throwing this out there cause it worked for me. However you can use firefox!

Daniel asks…

Microsoft Word Clip Art?

I just installed Microsoft Office 2003 a few weeks ago but never got to try it out until today. I went into Microsoft Word and inserted some clip art pictures. Then, I pressed print but nothing came out except for a blank sheet of paper. I tried writing something on the document but only the words came out instead of the pictures. My ink jet is full and when I printed pictures from a website it worked fine with color. I read in the Internet to change the settings, so I went to tools, options and checked print drawing objects but it still wouldn’t work. My sister has the same Microsoft Office 2003 installed in her computer and the pictures worked out fine. Is there something wrong with my Microsoft clip art pictures?

richmama answers:

Hi Julia,

Are you using the “Insert” command to put your clip art in your document? You can’t drag and drop.

On the tool bar select “Insert” then “Clip Art” and select a picture.


Ken asks…

How to make a clip art chart on Word?

Well im hosting a party and one of the games is a scavenger hunt, but i can’t put words down because the kids can’t read well yet so i thought pictures would be easier, how do i make a chart and put clip art inside?

richmama answers:

It would be alot easier to use google images, and you should create a chart by doing this:

Go to view: toolbars and choose the drawing toolbar

Then, create the lines for this chart by creating them ( its going to be in the drawing bar)

Copy and paste pictures:)))

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Your Questions About Reading Eagle

Jenny asks…

Bob takes a reading and finds the angle of elevation to an eagle in a tree to be 11.2 degrees. He walks 2640ft?

and takes another reading and finds the angle of elevation to be 55 degrees.

a) Find the Distance from Bob to the base of the tree at the first sighting.

b) Find the vertical height of the eagle to the nearest foot.

please show work

richmama answers:

Depends if he walks directly toward the tree or not

Robert asks…

In the Bible, I remember reading about how the Bear will attack the Eagle?

I’ve left out a lot but it would great if someone explained this symbolism. When it talks about Bear that means Russia right? Same for the Eagle being America. I know there we’re other animals but I can not remember them. Now, Is this really going to happen in the future?

richmama answers:

It sounds very scary, but that’s how it is generally interpreted. I couldn’t tell you if that’s what is really going to happpen; only God knows. I know that Russia has become very cool towards the U.S. And that they are getting more aggressive, but they haven’t the power right now to take the United States. We will have to hold on to our seats and see what happens in the future.

Linda asks…

Did u read the story in the reading eagle,sun,3/16/08 about the boy beaten with a ext. cord?

Reading eagle, 3/16/08, sun paper wrote a story about a 10 yr boy who was beaten with a ext. cord cause he throw his papers away cause of poor grades, his face was all beaten and bloody marks all over his body and his mother did nothing while the bf did the beating. The child was taken away and I hope she never gets him back. Now you wonder why this story means so much to me, cause this was my life when i was a little girl, and i better not open my mouth cause i would get it worse, both my parent did this and none of my grandparents aunts, uncles came to our rescue [3 children] the POPLIESZK ,from PENNEL, PA AND THE RHOADS from GILBERTSVILLE, PA never came to visit cause polish people marry polish and dutch marry dutch so we never got to see our relatives.People don’t believe this happens, YES IT DOES and i have marks til today to prove it. No body turned this in cause it just wasn’t done in the 50’s. I was just 4 yrs old til my mother died, i was 13.

richmama answers:

No I haven’t read the news story and it makes me ill….Children are such a gift from God and people are too simple minded to realize the treasure right before their very eyes. I am so sorry you have had to go through this terrible ordeal yourself. A person who has experienced such horrific pain, physical and emotional, is in a position to carry the word to others to stop this violence. You should consider using your misfortune to help others now…speak at women’s shelters and other social scenarios. Make some phone calls and learn how you may be used by God as His earthly instrument to spare another precious child this kind of treatment. Your life of horror could change a world of someone else. Please consider looking into this way to help others.

Sandy asks…

Which movie is better? Burn After Reading or Eagle Eye?

I am going out with some friends tonight and I don’t know which one is better to see? So what are your guys opinions?

richmama answers:

Burn after reading was hilarious!
I haven’t seen eagle eye but i heard it was pretty bad.

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Pink v. Blue – Will The Traditional Baby Colours For The Genders Last?

Over the past many decades, many gender stereotypes have been eliminated.  But there’s nonetheless at least one that stands strong without any indication that it is heading anywhere soon – pink v. blue. Needless to say, what I mean by pink v. blue is baby girls wear pink and baby boys wear blue.  Hence while we consider nothing of girls playing ball and boys dressing up, are you prepared to dress your baby boy in a pink outfit? Most likely not.   Most parents are actually willing to dress baby girls in blue.

Pink for girls and blue for boys is so ingrained in our society that any individual who encounters a baby in blue considers the baby is a boy, and similarly, thinks babies dressed in pink are girls.  There is nothing incorrect with these assumptions, until eventually, naturally, you choose to dress your baby girl in blue.  Keep in mind that you will find many baby hues other than pink and blue.  White, pale yellow and pale green are great choices for babies, male and female.

There is several query concerning whether a girl becoming obsessed with pink will impair the growth of her individuality.  What your baby will wear has small influence on whether your little girl will be a tom-boy or girly girl. It is true that as they age, girly girls wear far more clothes that are pink than tom-boys do.

Essentially, what a baby wears has practically nothing related to the baby’s personality.  Why? Well definitely the baby has no choice in what he or she wears – father and mother do the buying and dressing.  Therefore if you want to see your little girl in pink, by all means, outfit her in pink.  If you wish to see your boy in macho colors like blue, dress him in blue. Nevertheless, should you detest pink, do not dress your little girl in pink.

When you are buying a baby present for a buddy or acquaintance and you are aware of the gender of the baby, it is perfectly appropriate to purchase pink for girls and blue for boys.  Almost all any parent will dress a girl in pink and boy in blue whether or not the color is not his or her favorite. But, finally, it is the parents’ decision what baby wears, at least until he or she is old enough to speak an opinion.  That is when the true excitement commences.

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