Your Questions About Pumpkin Soup Kate Nash

George asks…

“Pumpkin Soup” (Kate Nash), “The Fear” (Lily Allen), or “Dog Days Are Over” (Florence and the Machine)?

Pumpkin Soup” —

“The Fear” —

“Dog Days Are Over” —
Good answer, Lily. =)

richmama answers:

Hey, I’m a huge fan of all those artists, Paperbag!

Lily Allen is my favorite singer of course, everyone knows that lol….Kate Nash is brilliant too, she’s kinda like Lily but has a more soulful sound, and Florence Welch is basically a rockier Kate.

Hmm…here’s how I’d rank them:
1. Pumpkin Soup (it’s my favorite Kate Nash song!)
2. Dog Days Are Over (simply kickass)
3. The Fear (I used to be obsessed with it, but I’ve heard it like a gazillion times now so I’m bored with it. Lol)

Sharon asks…

Pumpkin Soup by Kate Nash?

has anyone got this mp3 that they could share with me? thank you!

richmama answers:

I do.

Donna asks…

who is the man in the kate nash video for pumpkin soup?

i reckonise him from something and its really bugging me! Any ideas?

richmama answers:

The guy’s name is Wesley Goode.
Apparantly he and Kate Nash are very good friends.
He hasn’t been in any movies or anything.
Maybe you just saw him in a newspaper article advertising the new video.
I’m not sure.
But he’s not at all famous.

Betty asks…

From these songs, what style of music do I like, Hm im not sure LOL?


People say they like , indie, rock, pop music etc..
Im not that good at saying what kind of music a song is so I
would just like to know what my style of music really is 😀
here is a few songs :

lady gaga – dance in the dark
lady gaga – monster
pixie lott – poker face
charlift – bruises
colbie calliat – fallin for you
shakira – she wolf
kesha – blah blah blah
florence and the machine – dog days are over
alicia keys – try sleeping with a broken heart
little boots – earthquake
rihanna – firebomb
cobra starship – good girls go bad
owl city – hot air balloon
owl city – fireflies
marina and the diamonds – hollywood
daisy dares you – number one enemy
ellie goulding – starry eyed
kate nashpumpkin soup
kate nash – skeleton song
kate nash – mouthwash
katy perry – thinking of you
katy perry – simple
lily allen – LDN
mia – paper planes
MGMT – kids
paloma faith – new york
paloma faith – upside down
timbaland ft. katy perry – if we ever meet again

heres lots of songs, can someone tell me from most of these what my
style of music might be :$ thanks xx

richmama answers:

I guess you are ‘ indie pop rock ‘ . XD
It seems like you like pop and alternative(:
Those are all very cool! 😀

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