Your Questions About Internet Safety Tips For Parents

Lisa asks…

Hi, I wonder how many parents here concern about their children safety on My Space?

Would it help if I share with you this tip?

If you use internet explorer or avant browser, you can use content advisor to block any site that you feel not approriate or safe for your children.

—- Here’s the instruction to use Content Advisor ——

Click on “Tools” then click on “Internet Options” and then click on the “Content” tab.

There, you will see the option to enable your content advisor, click on the “Enable” option.

Then click on “Settings” to change the settings of the content advisor in order to select what’s the best for your children.

And also, the good thing about content advisor is that you must use the password everytime you want to make any changes to the content advisor settings. 🙂 This will help to prevent your children from doing any unmonitored changes without your permission 🙂


So, you should feel safe now for at least now you can protect your children from the internet crime. 🙂
Yeah, I kinda put this here because too many parents complains and worried about their children safety

Yeah, the thing is you should know how to take care of yourself but… sometimes kids are just kids lol I’m a kid myself(at heart though lol)

So this is just one of a few tips about you know what hehe

richmama answers:

Nod. That’s a great thing to know. I also found this really detailed thing about more you can do. Some of the hints are well known and some aren’t.

Betty asks…

Was this guy online SERIOUS tell me its fake PLEASE CLICK?

im panicing and i’m scared and you’d like save me so much if you helped. you dont have to read the whole convo just get the gist atLEAST and just answer and help me please i’m dead serious

this is the convo on omegle and i hope this is safe to post if this was serious. but i was researching about like internet safety and i decided to test people if they were that safe.. and then this happened. the first message thing was me.

this amy be fake but i went on omegle and i was researching and wondering about internet safety and i decided to test people about how safe they were and this is what happened TELL ME ITS FAKE PLEASE and do not joke i’m crying and shaking:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: [NOTICE: The IP address of Stranger0879 and the person of which you are currently chatting with matches that of convicted sex offender register code XXXX3149. Do not share personal information with this person, or any person(s) that you meet on the internet. Stranger cannot see this message. This notice has been brought to you by National Sex Offender Registry.]
You: hi 🙂
You: asl
Stranger: Ha funny you should post that first message
Stranger: I work for CEOP.
You: ???
Stranger: We are a multi national agency that aims to protect children on the internet
Stranger: We work with police forces around the world to report and convict peadophiles
You: well you obviously know it was a test right
Stranger: Well i shall be reporting this conversation for further investigation
You: ?
You: it’s been done before
You: it was something i saw suggested to try
You: and you spelt pedophiles wrong
Stranger: If you want to stay safe on the internet try out handy tips
Stranger: On the CEOP website there are plenty of tips to help you to stay safe.
You: i had never heard of it
Stranger: Look at the website
You: i know how to say safe
You: i was curious as to how others know though.
You: how people would react
Stranger: As much as you may think its funny to post that message and see how people react, sex offences on the internet is no laughing matter
You: it wasn’t a joke?
You: it wasn’t to laugh at
You: i swear theres nothing to investigate
You: i take it real seriously
Stranger: Well i’m glad to hear that but you will be hearing from one of our investigative officers soon.
Stranger: Just to clear a couple of things up
Stranger: As long as you do take internet safety seriously as you said then you have nothing to worry about.
You: i’m only a kid
Stranger: If that is the case then we will need to speak to your parents.
You: oh please dont
You: please there is nothing to clear up
Stranger: As long as you havent been doing anything innapropriate on the internet then you have nothing to worry about
You: i haven’t!
Stranger: Well then you have nothing to worry about
You: my parents will be mad that someone is contacting them there
You: like about that stuff pleeaeseee trust me
You: you are really scaring me
Stranger: Well i’m sorry but i have a responsibility to ensure that you are safe on the internet and are not conducting in any illegal activities
You: i am though
You: please tell me this isn’t serious
Stranger: I’m afraid it is very serious
You: i don’t even come on this website or anything SERIOUSLY it was only for my own research reasons
You: omg
Stranger: We have tracked your IP address and will be contacting the relevent authorities shortly
You: someone else did it too
You: they took a picture
You: its here
You: i dont know if you want it but if this is that serious
Stranger: Unfortunatly for you at this moment in time i am concerned by your behaviour and not the behaviour of others
You: it probably sounds like i’m lying
Stranger: if you wish to report a person for innapropriate activity you can report them here
You: like i’m actually an old man who is saying this
You: do you expect to find an old man or something?
You: because i’ll readthe website over and over?
Stranger: You would’nt be the first that has tried to convince us they are a child to escape prosecution
You: you can look at the family or something!
You: the notice at the top wasn’t REAL
Stranger: Your family are of no concern to me
You: no i mean the family to see that i am the kid
Stranger: Apart from your parents who we will be contacting shortly
You: my dad or mom.. they arent even here right now
Stranger: It’s ok we have the appropriate resources to find out their work/mobile numbers
You: what if i didnt live in the uk?
Stranger: We work closely with police forces around the world to ensure everybody is safe
You: if i lived in like africa would you still call my parents
Stranger: We will pass any information over to the relevent authorities
You: omg you thin
i know that this is wrong section but i need answers fast he said they would be here shortly
omg please i’m not joking or anything. it’s not a scam i swear i’m crying and shaking please help
how do you know its a troll??
its not funny or anything i can’t help it

he told me police were coming to bust through the doors and they’d take my computer and

i’ve been through something like this before with my dad accused of being a sexual predator and in court and its scary

and also he said there was suspicious activity.

if this is a troll, TELL ME HOW
if you work for a huge agency, YEAH YOU CAN TRACE ME!

please someone reassure me HOW AND WHY THIS IS FAKE
but we went on like this for like 30 minutes and i begged him to please tell me he was joking and that it isnt funny and he wouldnt budge. he ended it by saying he unfortunately had to go that he had more cases and i’m really scared.
trust me i’m not going back
on the website it says

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre is dedicated to eradicating the sexual abuse of children. That means we are part of UK policing and very much about tracking and bringing offenders to account either directly or in partnership with local and international forces.

so that means they do work with USA!
13th answerer- THERES THAT GUY AGAIN. Please ignore him! He keeps spamming that around. He’s already convinced one person that I’m a troll when really it is a huge misunderstanding that he has chosen to not believe so he can look like the hero here. Just ignore that, please.

richmama answers:

You have nothing to worry about it was a troll9kinda like the 1800 answering service) youll be ok…. And if i mistaken about the troll its some kid who is messing with you bc they are bored or something but i can asure you that there is nothing to worry about its most deffentily a fake…. So calm down and take some deep breaths your not in trouble and they arnt gonna call your parents …. I took this from google for you so you can read it…hope your ok

“Do not feed the trolls” and its abbreviation “DNFTT” redirect here. For the Wikimedia essay, see “What is a troll?”.
In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into a desired emotional response[1] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[2] In addition to the offending poster, the noun “troll” can also refer to the provocative message itself, as in that was an excellent troll you posted. While the term troll and its associated action, trolling, are primarily associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels highly subjective, with trolling being used to describe many intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context.

Sharon asks…

Can someone proofread this and possibly make some suggestions for a conclusion?

The glow of the computer screen fills the dark room. A loud sound of clicks pours out of the keyboard. Every so often the sound of a new message echoes against the walls. The anticipation rises between every message. The messenger is a mystery, wearing an ugly disguise that is easily portrayed as an innocent adolescent. With no sense of danger, she agrees to meet the so-called minor that would turn into a downward spiral to her inevitable fate. This situation is common in young woman who are naive to the thought that sexual predators exist over the internet. The internet is a place with little supervision and well design and intriguing websites. Predators and hackers find the internet as a way to manipulate users and abuse the concept of using the internet. Anyone who has an internet connection is exposed to common threats and material that may be harmful to the their computer and themselves. None of these dangers are more common than internet predators. Internet predators are a growing concern for parents. Predators find it easy to reach children through chat rooms and social networks like Myspace, YouTube and Facebook. Both Myspace and Facebook have developed a new generation of young adults almost all by themselves.
The concepts of these networks are easy. A personal profile is made which includes things like hobbies, blogs, videos and pictures which are easily searchable by personal information entered upon signing up. Other users are able to leave comments and messages on your profile. You may also add users to your friends list which allows them to view more pictures and have access to vital information about yourself. This information includes your city, state, age, schools, companies, martial status, and even your yearly income. Doing this increases the chance of people finding out exactly where you are. If you were to post that you were going to be somewhere at a particular time and date, it would be frighteningly easy for someone else to wait for you there. More children are abusing the networks using them for self gratification. They tend to feel better about themselves. Most children on Myspace add friends they don’t know. They are fooled to believe that having friends’ years older than themselves is innocent. Although most websites won’t let you sign up if you’re too young, it’s fairly easy to type in any year you desire, making it simple to be any age you want. According to Myspace, in August of 2006, they reached their 100 millionth user making Myspace expand into an international empire and containing over 50 million users. With the successful expansion, Myspace is taking a stand against sexual predators and hackers by devoting a page of safety tips to making a Myspace experience safer. The page gives you tips and resources that the Myspace team encourage you to share with your family and friends. They also hope to install new safety features, making it impossible for anyone to do any harm.
Although social networks propose many threats they’re also used in a crime fighting manner. Take Heather Kane for example, who used Myspace to obtain information about her ex-husband’s new lover. She intended on hiring a hit man to kill the woman. Fortunately, the hit man she hired was an undercover policeman. Police now use the internet to help collect evidence that can be vital in a court case or to help identify suspects. Users sometimes post explicit pictures or a confession, making to easy for police to file charges.
The internet isn’t just a place for communicating. Many people who have the internet use it for everyday conviences. People buy their prescriptions, gifts, clothes, games, movies, music and everything else through the internet. These actions usually require credit card information. Hackers can easily obtain this knowledge and use it as if it were their own. Sometimes, they use vital information and sell it to other hackers anywhere from $1 to $175 depending on how much information they have. Everyday, over 400 credit card numbers are stolen. This may include social security numbers, pins, birth dates, phone numbers, street adresses, and even mother’s maden name. Banks are trying to resolve this issue by issuing a credit card number that may only be used once, hopefully reducing a risk.

richmama answers:

Dear Haley,
The opening paragraph seems to create the setting of almost the begining of a thriller story of some kind. As one reads on, your narrative turns into a series of inserted facts and information on the security of the internet using many examples, most of which are ungrouped. This comes to mean: structure. You need to structure your essay into a more conclusive: intro, evolution, body, summary, end. What is the essential message of your essay? Seems to me, security on the internet, and adolecents. These then have to be the pillars from which your essay opens, evolves and ends. The beginning is asking perhaps a question, and after expounding your facts, the ending is perhaps an answer to that initial question.
I must say reading your essay did fill me with apprehension, and I encourage you to pursue structure in your lecture and resolve it into a concerted message for others as well as my awareness. Thanks and good luck.

Maria asks…

Babysitting Games and Tips! First Time! Help!!!!!?

Today from three thirty to seven I am going to my first babysitting job! (Eeek!) I’m SO exited! The kids I am babysitting are a seven year old girl(my little sisters best friend!) and her little brother. I dont know for sure how old he is but I’ve met him amd Im guessing 5-6? I tried looking in the internet for fun games but all I got was safety stuff. (“Locate the fire extingisher befor starting your job, ect.”) I know that that is very important but it’s not what I was looking for!!! Plz comment on ways to immpress the parents, fun games to play, do’s and don’ts, ect. I’ve probobly talked too much now hu? Sorry, I do that alot!!!

Thanks a lot for any ideas!!!
I’m hearing do play hide and seek and don’t play haide and seek. Is it realy THAT dangerous?

Great answers peeps! Keep it coming!

richmama answers:

I’ve babysat for three different families before, and am currently still babysitting for one of them (not right now of course, but I’m going in again tomorrow morning).

Trust me, the parents are impressed when you don’t have to rely on TV or movies to keep the kids entertained…otherwise it’s like they’re paying you to watch TV, which no parent likes to do. Unless of course they suggest you watch TV with the kids (like if they watch TV for an hour after dinner everyday or something), then I would try to stay away from it unless you’re at your wit’s end.

Play hide and go seek either inside or outside, but if it’s outside make sure you set some boundaries (don’t go in the parking lot, stay off the road, etc etc) and you can even play tag like that…the kids I babysit love when I chase them and when I pretend I can’t find them (talk out loud when you’re looking for them, “Hmmm where could they be….” etc).

They also love playing simple games like Go Fish, especially if it’s with “special” cards (the kids I babysit now play Go Fish with Dora the Explorer cards….they find it much easier to ask if I have a Dora than if I have any aces!)

But this is important, do not let the kids walk all over you. If the kids are outgoing, it’s easy to let this happen. You start playing with them and if you don’t set rules or boundaries, they just see you as a friend and not as a babysitter/parent figure. If you set rules or boundaries and they break them, do not shrug it off. They will soon figure out that they won’t get in trouble from you and not care about rules anymore. TRUST ME, this has happened to me. If they break a rule or boundary, give them a warning that they have to listen to you and if they don’t, they will get a time out. The next time they break it, follow through on the time out. Get them to sit in a room alone or the corner for a couple of minutes, and then when the time out is over, tell them that you love playing with them but reinforce that they still need to listen to you.

Don’t yell, make sure you set and follow rules and boundaries, play imaginary games with the kids, play hide and seek and tag inside or outside, play simple games like Go Fish, and don’t resort to TV or a movie unless the parents suggest it or it is necessary (like the kids won’t calm down and don’t want to play anything that you suggest, or they’re getting cranky….then relaxing for half an hour in front of the TV might help).

Good luck!

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Your Questions About Internet Safety Tips For Everyone

Maria asks…

Where to report a web site?

Where can I report a website? There is a site that’s for people 13 – up to join. But the site allows PORNO to be posted, and they even have a section where EVERYONE can talk about sex… The “internet police” won’t do anything about it… Why? Because they are one of the many who are “sponcering” the site.

The porno people post, anyone can view it. Doesn’t matter their age. Yet, the site acts like they are so responsible with the “safety tips” and crap like that everywhere. If they are that responsible, why do they allow porno? Why do they have a section where people of any age can talk about sex? And some may say “report the videos”… People have… The video will remain there for days – weeks – even months before they do anything about it.

So, do any of you know where I can report this site to people who actually WILL do something about it?

richmama answers:

You report it to the FBI Cyber unit, here is the link. They will take it from there.

Robert asks…

Hi Has any one else gotten this message? Call the cops if you think anyon?

State police warning for online: Please read this “very carefully”..then send it out to all the people online that you know. Something like this is nothing to be taken casually; this is something you DO want to pay attention to. If a person with the screen-name of DreamWeaverGrey contacts you, do not reply. DO not talk to this person; do not answer any of whispers or requests for private chat in Pogo. Whoever this person may be, he/she is a suspect for murder in the death of 56 women (so far) contacted through the Internet.
Please send this to all the women on your buddy list and ask them to pass this on, as well. This screen-name has also been seen on Yahoo, AOL, AIM, and Excite so far. This is not a joke! Please send this to men too…just in case! Send to everyone you know! Ladies, this is serious. Jennifer S. Faulkner Education/Information Specialist Roanoke Fire-EMS 541 Luck Avenue, Suite 120 Roanoke, VA 24016 540) 853-2257 (phone) 540) 853-1172 (fax) IF WE CAN PASS ON JOKES, SURELY WE CAN PASS ON A WARNING THAT MAY SAVE A LIFE! Safety Tip #5 Report nudity, harassment, hate speech, and other inappropriate content.
It wasnt an email it was an Instant message
I didnt ask if it was real or fake I asked if anyone else got this message???

richmama answers:

The police can track your IP address even if you give fack names and addresses. Besides, 56 killings would have been all over the news in every city and state by now..Dont believe everything you hear or read!!!!!!!

Steven asks…

UK question! What do you think about 18yr old HGV Drivers- YES or NO?

HGV DRIVERS- AT 18yrs old?
I dont believe I grew up and acted responsibly for quite some time when I left school but at 18 there was completely no chance- Girls, Booze and pecking order certainly went through my brain.
Even at 21- I don’t believe I was completely responsible.
Do you think that 18yr olds should be given 53 feet long trucks weighing 45 tons or more to drive up motorways packed with family cars etc?
After the first family dies- I think they ought to hang the buggers that have pushed this through parliament.
To make matters worse we have men between 40 and 60 that only know this living.
The 18yr olds can be taught to build helicopters and ships etc- but NO our government want to pay other countries through the nose for them so that bliar and the ginger t*ss pot can live like kings in europe.
Why are we getting rid of age barriers on this of all things- clearly it has nothing to do with safety but more to do with an inadequate government that has no fore sight at all- LET’S have a CIVIL WAR via the internet and everyone e-mail downing street and tell him he’s incompetent and drive him out of office.
C’mon have YOUR say- AM I A FOOL or is there a point to my question?
Please realise that you may have an 18yr old driving explosive cargo’s up and down the A1 with a cigarette in his teeth as he’s not learnt to accept authority yet!
1 hour ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
I believe it’s another cure for the dole queue that will go dreadfully wrong.
I’ve had 12yrs of driving hazardous and dangerous and have had an artic tip over on me in high winds at 40mph If I’d have been doing the full 56 I might not be here.
There are an awful lot of things to learn and age does allow experience to grow on you.
WHAT will happen to the 40 to 60 yr olds – they’ll just replace the 18yr olds in the dole queue.

UK question- C’mon what would you say if YOU were in parliament and this issue came up?
As for Mr Johnston- I don’t know ANY 18yr olds that aren’t under military rules that does respond well to authority- even Police officers in training!

Mr ‘one shot’ – that is the difference with civvy street and the millitary!
In Colchester I got 3 words out of my mouth and wished I’d never as I was now unable to move my fingers or toes for about 20 minutes and then only painfully (the rest of my body felt like I’d fallen down a cliff.
In civvy street you can normally bleat as much as you like as long as you don’t use profanity or menaces!
I’ve worked with soldiers and found them immature at 25, i.e. smoke disks on my back rails as I departed proteus with cargo on for catterick and Leeming- not exactly funny when you get out with the extinguisher and a heart rate thats nearly doubled! Not funny when some of the lads transfer rifles YOU’VE signed for into their vehicle and your trying to explain at the guard house- SOME SOLDIERS NEVER GROW UP!

richmama answers:

I hadn’t realised that this had been passed and the age for HGV was now reduced to 18. It does sound very stupid….. However, I can’t see many truck owning firms allowing 18 year old kids to drive their trucks. I mean, look at the economics of it. I don’t know how much those donkeys cost, in the region of 100 grand maybe? The operation licence will be revoked if they have just one bad incident, and the insurance costs alone to insure an 18 year old must be prohibitive. So,, even though the govt might want it, the operators wont fall for it. I wouldn’t worry too much, it costs an 18 year old about 3 grand to insure a VW Golf!!!

But I understand you concerns, it’s an accident that’s bound to happen, even if they let the most ‘mature’ 18 year olds behind the wheel of one of those things.

Thomas asks…

Is anyone able to help me? Why did my answer get “rejected”? Which rule have I broken?

Is it ‘dangerous’ for countries to protect their own economies? Should government seek to protect their own economies and workers at this time? Or will this just worsen the downturn?

COMMENT: I am in favour of “protectionism”. We need to protect our own economies; it’s not going to be done by anyone else.

The sham that is “globalisation” is unravelling faster than a 2nd-hand jumper, and we need to protect our own interests.

Some may argue that this could be unfair on other people, but how many other countries would risk their own economy in an effort to save ours? “Not many” is the truth.

I would like to urge people to buy British, except we don’t make anything any more.


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richmama answers:

Violation notices are computer generate. Think nothing of them and move on. If you get suspended just start another account. This site is a joke

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