Your Questions About Family Budget Planning

Maria asks…

Any budget family holiday plan for one month in london, blackburn and manchester?

planning a visit for a family of 3 to london, blackburn & manchester in june. any good input for sight seeing, where to stay, to enjoy & learn for a family with a15 year old boy & limited budget?

richmama answers:

This same question was asked a few days back.

Ruth asks…

How to market a personal financial planning and family budgeting, investing service on the net?


I want to offer a personal financial planning service for young families, covering analysis of present financial condition, budgeting, investment and insurance planning, retirement planning etc.

Would welcome suggestions on marketing this service on the internet and also other media. My client base will be in India.

Considering social networking sites, groups, blogs, twitter etc.

Marketing costs to be minimal, as this will be a very low fee service.

richmama answers:


Business & Finance

Paul asks…

I am planning a trip for my family this summer to Europe for 7 days. Is a $10,000 budget enough, exc. airfare?

Europe trip, budget, help planning,

richmama answers:

Well… I’m sixteen and going to Europe next year…I know the group will probably be about ten. The total amount for two weeks- all inclusive, is about $4500- thats for airfare, hotels, tours, dining, EVERYTHING. I can suggest going with a tour group (not teenagers though) because it is much cheaper, especially with a native tour guide if you can get one. My sister went last year (she’s eighteen) and really enjoyed it. Even if you don’t with a tour, I would think a $10,000 budget is plenty for seven days. Just remember to get prepaid Visa cards and Euros to pay for everything. (Ask at your bank for those.)

Laura asks…

Where’s an online site that helps plan a family budget?


richmama answers:

There are several good and helpful sites. Planning a family budget is VERY important. This will help you manage, avoid and/or eliminate debt and reduce friction points between spouses. Your immediate goal should be to establish an Emergency fund of at least $1,000 or more. That way you have the cash to pay for little emergencies instead of using credit cards. I hope you find these sites helpful.

Here are a few helpful sites.

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How to Budget – Single Moms Can Make it Work

How to Budget-Budget tips for Single Moms

Single Mom BudgetOne of the most important concerns for a lot of single moms out there is how to budget. Numerous single moms go through a situation of trying to manage a tight budget just to provide continuously for their kids. This can be extremely hard for them, especially when they are facing and doing this on their own, with no partner to help and support them. Learning how to budget can make financial struggles feel like less of a burden.

However, having a good budget is crucial especially when you can almost guarantee some emergencies to happen to you and your family. Learning how to budget can help a single mom learn how they can manage their money better without all the stress and pressure. These tips will help all single moms to establish a household budget:

Learn How to Budget for Your Family

•    Firstly, determine how much money you are getting every month. This is critical when learning how to budget.  Make sure that you include all sources of income that are promptly available to you like pay checks, social security, child support and even dividends on bonds and stocks. Anything that you are sure of coming to you should be part of the budget.

•    Next tip is to list all the expenses by starting with the most vital ones such as rent, car payment, insurance, as well as utilities. You may also include in the top list the groceries and then that is the time you begin with the other expenses like credit cards, incidentals and medical expenses.

•    Carefully look at how much money are coming in versus the money that is going out. Your priority should be the bills because these are the ones that keep you sheltered and keeps food always present on the table. Pay all of those bills out of what you have kept in your budget and take a look of what’s left. This is a key strategy of learning how to budget.

•    Determine the number of non-important bills that you can pay, and pay as many as you can. However, you must rank them in order of priority first, and after that, you can start paying them. If it is hard for you to pay the full amount, or if you need to make some payment arrangements, you can always try to negotiate with the person or office you owe and explain everything.

•    Lastly, take a look at the money that was left. Always keep in mind that unexpected emergencies will always happen, so you do not have to wait for the next pay day because you have extra money for any emergency situation that might occur.

Learn How to Budget – Spend Smart

When learning how to budget make an effort to squeeze in your budget every month until you know it by heart. Maintain trimming off costs here and there, and the money that you will be saving should be directly into your savings fund. Having a budget can help you keep track of where all your money is going, as well as get hold of steps to ensure that all of the money is going to the right places for your kids. How to budget for single moms is extremely important, so it is crucial that you pay attention with your budget. Learning how to budget will help you feel in control of your finances.

How to Make a Budget – Family Budgeting How To

How to Make a Budget – Family Budgeting 101

make a budgetIt is more important than ever to learn how to make a budget and stick to it.  If you live alone or have a large family to raise, chances are that people are expecting you to stretch a dollar as far as it can possibly go in these challenging economic times. Learning to live within your means is one of the most important ways of staying financially solvent. When you make a budget it will help you determine what money you spend where, so that your spending doesn’t control you.  You need to control your spending and do that you need to make a budget.

How to Make a Budget

There are few simple steps you can take that will make a light turn on for you as far as where your money goes:

·      For one week, keep a notebook and write down every single thing you spend money on –  whether it is paying a bill like a mortgage or car payment to buying a café latte at your local coffee shop.  Write it down and at the end of the week, categorize your spending like this, (1) wants, (2) needs, (3) unexpected expenses. This will help you later when you go to make a budget.

·      The next thing to do is not cut out the (1) wants category completely, but see if you can reduce the number of things you spend money on.  For instance, taking a bagged lunch to work just one day a week instead of eating out can add up to savings of $40 a month, which translates to $480 a year.  If you consider all the little ways your pennies add up, and make small changes, you’ll find you can achieve a similar lifestyle with very little sacrifice and a whole lot of savings. Won’t take long to make a budget now.

·      See if you can spend less on things you must purchase, like groceries and gas, by taking advantage of sales and store coupons. Buy in bulk if you know your family uses a lot of something. There is no need to spend $1.00 per roll on toilet paper if you can purchase it on sale, or in bulk and pay 30 cents per roll. Again, small savings add up to big savings. But when you make a budget – don’t buy things just because they’re a good deal.

·      Trade one expensive hobby for a cheap or free one each month.  If you love to read, try going to your local library instead of the bookstore.  If you love to golf, find a course that has free or dirt cheap green fees, instead of playing at a country club.

·      To make a s budget work, stop buying things with credit cards. The only way of changing the way you see money is to spend what you have, not what you expect to have. If you can’t afford to pay cash for it, that means you can’t afford it – yet.  Try saving up for things instead of buying on impulse and using credit. You’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment skipping a few high dollar dinners to buy that great sofa you saw at your favorite boutique.

·      Studies have proven that people gain more happiness from experiences than things.  Spend time with friends.  Learn a new language. Plant some new seeds on your patio garden.  These things are all practically free and add to your sense of self worth without breaking the bank.

Make a Budget – Work it For You

When you make a budget you need to make it work it for you.

Feeding Your Family on A Budget

Can You Feed Your Family on A Budget – Healthily?

Discovering healthy ways to feed your family on a budget can often be a challenge. However, with just a little creativity, it’s very possible to find healthy, family budgeting friendly food choices so your family and your pocket can rest easy.

Healthy Eating Tips That Can Instantly Save You Money!

Use the following tips that are sure to cater to your wallet and your palate:


  1. Eat out less often. Eating out less often has two wonderful benefits:

Guess what.  What you spend on food will be significantly less because eating at a restuarant is much pricer than you think – and a lot  less healthy.  Most of the restaurants families favor tend to have menus loaded with unhealthy options – even the salads.  You have to be on your guard to order a healthy meal.

2. Grow your own veggies and herbs. Seriously – even a small herb garden or veggie patch will save you some serious bucks.  If you’re not too into gardening – or all the work – focus on fresh herbs and a few staple vegetables to help feed your family on a budget.  Stick with lettuce, tomatoes and some peas or beans, and you’ll have most of your veggie needs covered.  Most home gardens are easily organic too – since you’re controlling what goes on them, so they make a naturally healthy choice for the family.

Cooking Techniques That Are Affordable and Healthy


Try these healthy cooking ideas for a change of pace and more change in your pocket:


  1. Go grilled, not fried. If you have children in your family, then there’s a great chance that they will want kid friendly meals like fish fingers or chicken nuggets. While those items may not necessarily be very expensive in the supermarket, they’re not as nutritious as their grilled counterparts. Buy chicken tenderloins – which are shaped like chicken fingers and grill or saute them.  Marinate them in a mild flavoring like Italian or honey mustard dressing and your kids will never miss the breading.

3. Use homemade condiments. A great alternative to unhealthy store-bought condiments is to make your own relishes and sauces at home. The added benefit is that they’ll be much less expensive than the grocery store variety. Even ketchup (which gets used by the gallon in our household) is simple to make.

4. Make your own juices. Most juices available at the supermarket are overpriced and filled with sugar.  You can better feed your family on a budget by making the juices yourself.   Fruits are relatively affordable – especially if you buy them locally and in season – so buying your own and making your own juices is a healthier and more affordable option.

Don’t make the mistake the healthy eating is more expensive.  You can go about feeding your family on a budget- and still eat healthily. Just use these simple tricks.

Family Budgets How to Save Video

Hey HotMamas,
family budgetsHere’s our most recent how to video on Family Budgeting. I give you some great tips on how to save money on lots of monthly expenses like cable, cell phones, drugstores, groceries, and even your credit cards.So watch the video now. and if you want to take your family’s financial future to the next level, be sure to grab a copy of our HotMama Secrets: Guide to Becoming a Rich Mama – Budget Your way to Wealth ebook – it’s a steal!

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