Your Questions About Kids Reading Books

richmama answers:

I don’t mind 0bomber reading kids books
Everyone has to start someplace

Thomas asks…

What is name of childhood disorder where kids are obsessed with reading, books, words?

A friend has a child who demonstrates some autism like qualities but she is almost savant with letters, books and reading. I remember seeing a news magazine show with a story about others like that years ago. I want to say the name begins with alpha…

richmama answers:

Could it be hyperlexia? I just googled “reading savant” and this site came up . Hope it helps!

Richard asks…

Can anyone name the book series described in the details listed? It was reading books for kids in early 90s.?

When I was a child, working on reading comprehension, the school I attended in the south of Britain had a series of books that gradually got harder as you progressed. The series was colorfully illustrated and had featured blue men that were dressed in kilts and other Scottish garb. They lived in a valley and went about daily chores or adventures. As the series got to the end, some of the characters were captured by a beast that lived in a cave above the valley and were shackled to the cave walls. I think I got the details relitively close, but some stuff may be a tad off (it’s been 14 years since I’ve seen the books at least). Do you have any idea what the series is called? I’d really love to try and find copies or images from them.

richmama answers:

Most schools have their own website and contact addresses even emails, why not try and see if your school has a site and email them its a longshot but the member of admin who gets it may be helpful and be able to advise you. I used to work in a school and we often helped people out with all sorts of questions.

David asks…

i have old kids reading books, does anyone know what i can do with these?

is there an organization i can donate them to or sell them to???

richmama answers:

You can try selling them on ebay, amazon, etc. You could also bring them to a used book store, although they usually just give you store credit and they’re picky about what they take. The last option is to donate them to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

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Your Questions About Mom And Popcorn

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know a website where you can find plastic toy popcorn? My mom is a teacher and is making a game.?

My mom is going to make a game out of it and needs just a bag full of it. She is thinking about cutting it off of garland but it would be easier if she could find it in a bag. Even if it’s on ebay or over $50 please tell me.

richmama answers:

Use real popcorn it lasts for years. We use to hang it on our christmas tree years ago. Worked for years. Needle a thread it on. Or use packing foam the kind they fill up boxes with at UPS shipping .

Ken asks…

my mom just made popcorn and it exploded in the microwave. How do we get rid of smell in microwave? Thanks?

richmama answers:

A half cup of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinager. Boil the water then let it sit for several minutes. This also works to clean the microwave with no effort.

Carol asks…

How to make regular microwave popcorn into kettle corn?

at my house i only have microwavable popcorn my mom isnt here to go get kettle corn and i am soo in the mood for it i want to turn this regular popcorn into kettle does anybody know how


richmama answers:

Well take your popcorn and pop it in the microwave. All kettle corn is sugar/salt mixture. ALL YOU DO is sprinkle sugar on it silly!!!

PS. You microwavable popcorn has salt all ready in it.

This is for home made Kettle Korn:

1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels
1/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup vegetable oil

Place the popcorn and sugar in a large pot with vegetable oil. Over a medium heat, begin to pop the popcorn. Constantly shake the pot to ensure that the popcorn kernels and oil do not burn. Once the popping has slowed, remove the pot from heat.

George asks…

I have a popcorn kernel in my teeth what should i do?

ok i was watching a movie with my parents and me and my mom were eating popcorn.I got a kernel stuck right in between my teeth! what should i do? I already used a toothpick and i cant go to the dentist so what should i do?
thanks for answering!

richmama answers:

Try floss. Also, rinse your mouth out well and it may move the kernel some so you can try the toothpick again.

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Your Questions About Reading Pictures Free

Steven asks…

How do i combine two or more pictures into one for free? Read Describtion?

How can i combine two or more pictures into one, for example this . So how can i take a jersey of a sports team and put it on any random player for example, or take my brothers head and put it on my body in a picture?

richmama answers:

I can do it with Photoshop, but Photoshop is really expensive. You can download a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) that has most of Photoshop’s capabilities but it’s free.


But it will take you a while to figure out GIMP, and then it will take some practice before you can do it very well.

Chris asks…

How do you use free image hosting to put pictures in your description on Ebay?

I starting selling on Ebay and I keep reading that people use free image hosting to insert pictures into their description box. Does anyone know how to do this? And do you have to learn HTML to do it? If anyone has any answers, please share them with me.

richmama answers:

HTML doesn’t need to be learned to do this although the language is handy. Go onto, upload your photo and copy the text in the ‘HTML Code’ tab into your description and et voila.

Sandy asks…

does anyone no where i can read manga with the pictures for free?

i need something to read and look at. I am making a comic book 4 my art work. HELP!

richmama answers:

If you can’t find it on try

Thomas asks…

where can I find royalty-free pictures and animations to post on my web site?

I’m designing a simple website to feature sight reading words to aid in my teaching. I’d need several hundreds simple pictures to illustrate the nouns, verbs, etc. Animations would be nice too. Where can I find them? — A paid service would be okay.

richmama answers:

Just type “Stock photos” into google, and take your pick of LONG lists of sites offering royalty-free (some paid)

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How to Do the Holidays on a Budget

How to do the holidays on a budget

Are you ready to do the holiday on a budget and save lots of money?  The holidays can be a stressful time for everyone, especially if you have to live paycheck to paycheck like most of us do these days. Is it really possible to have a good time and purchase the things you want during the holidays on a budget? By cutting a few corners yes, you can have a great holiday season and buy gifts for everyone on your list, even on the tightest budget. Here are a few tips on how to save money during the holidays on a budget.

Holidays on a Budget – Cut your List in Half

People of all ages love receiving gifts, but if you are on an extremely tight budget you can consider just buying gifts for the children in your family instead of buying for a long list of brothers, sisters, in laws, aunts, uncles, cousins…etc. If your family understands your situation no one should mind not getting a gift as long as the kids aren’t left out.

Holidays on a Budget – Bargain Shop

This may be a no-brainer but high priced department stores and the local mall are not the only places you can buy gifts. If you have some people on your list that you just can’t leave out and always buy a little something for, browse through the local dollar stores or even the thrift stores for unique little figurines and trinkets. Many dollar stores will surprise you with the lovely home decorations they offer and you may find a special antique while looking around at a nearby thrift store.

Ebay is another great place to find cheap gift ideas, however these items may not be necessarily cheap if bought elsewhere. You can find something for everyone on your list on the popular auction site,even the kids. Around the holidays many sellers start listing their barely used toys, some still in the original package. You can also find unique gifts that you wouldn&39t be able to find anywhere else such as vintage items, collectables and autographed items from sports teams, actors and musicians.

Home Made Gifts

If you’re crafty you can make home made gifts like floral arrangements, knitted throw blankets, floral wreaths, or handmade jewelry for those on your gift list. Or if you enjoy baking, buy some decorative holiday tins and make a few batches of homemade cookies, brownies, cupcakes or peanut butter fudge. If you&39re not that skilled in the kitchen, buy some bags of various colorful candy and fill up some pretty glass containers. Add some holiday inspired ribbon or stickers for a festive touch.

Buy After the Holidays

One way to save money for next year&39s holiday season is to go clearance shopping once the holidays are over. Then you can buy beautiful decorations at a low discount price. You can also pick up small gifts for next year, or even for upcoming birthdays. Also if you receive a present in a gift bag, save it and reuse. If it is a simple bag it may even be used to hold birthday gifts as well.  These are some great ways to do the holidays on a budget – without feeling like the Grinch.