Your Questions About Pay Off Credit Card Debt Fast

Ruth asks…

What is the fastest way to pay off credit card debt?

richmama answers:

Try cutting expenses.
This is easier than you might think.
If you eat out everyday, try eating out 2 a week and taking your lunch on the other days.
Do you really need 300 cable channels?
If not cut your cable lineup alittle
Can you switch to a NO interest credit card (I just got one from bank of america 1800 732 9194 and they gave me a no interest free transfer)
Can you have a garage sale or sell a few things that you dont use anymore on ebay.
$100 a month (which is not unrealistic) would put a HUGE dent in your credit cards if you were able to apply that on top of what you are already paying.

The most important thing is YOUR DESIRE!
Since you have that, the rest is EASY and you can do it~

Jenny asks…

what will pay off a credit card faster? $50 a month on 9% or $100 a month on 23%?

i have just successfully paid off a credit card! (yay for me!) but i have more to go all ranging in interest from 1.9% to 24% the one i just paid off was 24% with a small balance. now here’s my question. i paid $50 a month on that card like clockwork every month even though my payment was only supposed to be $15. i’m now used to spening $50 a month on this bill. i have another card offer for a fixed rate of 8.99 %. should i get this card and transfer a small amount from one of my high interest cards (like $300 at a time) and pay $50 a month on that to pay off each transfer in about 6-7 months and keep repeating it till done with my goal(i won’t use this card for anything else). or should i just take that $50 and add it to another existing card to make that payment $50 higher? i would still continue to pay all my other cards on schedule (and i always pay a little extra on each one as best as i can) i have approx $22K in credit debt on various cards thanks to my ex-hubby. i make 30K/yr!

richmama answers:

Myself, I like to get rid of the smaller-debt cards first, because it makes me feel like I am getting somewhere with my debt. It also allows me to snowball the payments to the next card. So if I had three cards at $300, $600 and $900, I would go in that order for paying them off, regardless of the interest rate. I would continue making payments to the larger balances (minimum payment), then I would take the extra payment from the card before and apply it to the payment going to the larger one. This is what works for me. Because if I were to try and tackle the $900 one first I may fall off track. So getting some “quick wins” works for me.

Donna asks…

What is the fastest way to pay off credit card debts other than consolidating them?

I have heard that paying the highest interest rate card off first is the best way, but I have also heard that paying the lowest amount off first is the best way. I’m open for suggestions , thanks.

richmama answers:

Start with the highest interest rate card or the card with the lowest balance–whichever you prefer. Only pay the minimum on the rest of the cards. Any extra cashflow should go to paying off the chosen card. Once it’s paid-off, snowball the money that was going to that card to the next card you choose to pay off…and so on, and so on. By choosing the highest interest rate card first, you obviously are eliminating the most wasted money being spent on interest; however, sometimes it’s a smarter move to start with the smallest balance so you feel as though you’re accomplishing something and don’t become discouraged. On that same note, it is important not to put every extra penny onto paying off the cards. You MUST leave yourself a little “fun” money or you WILL become discouraged and throw in the towel. Good luck! You can do it! It’s worth it!!!

Mandy asks…

Is it better to pay off revolving debt at a low rate or installment debt at a higher rate?

Let’s say you have a student loan at 8 percent and credit card debt at a fixed 3.99 percent. Conventional Wisdom says pay off the higher rate debt first. But, I have read that paying off credit card debt faster improves your credit score, which can save you thousands on a mortgage. So is it better to pay off the lower rate credit card debt and improve the credit score, or the higher rate debt and save the immediate money on interest.

richmama answers:

I’d say if you were buried, then ya, pay off a smaller one first just to get momentum going. However, your openess to approaching this situation and manner about doing so indicates that you might not need that added “ego” boost.

That said, most people would say (and as you say, conventional wisdom too), pay off your highest rate debt first and work your way down. At 3%, you could put that money in cds, etc, and earn 5%. Keep the 3% debt unless you have excess cash. Pay the 8% stuff off first. Once complete, that’ll allow you to get more debt at favorable rates as well.

Check out Suze Orman’s site for a few tidbits,

But it really sounds like you’re ready for millionairemind! That will most likely change your life! It’s a program by T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Go to for more info.

It’s pretty amazing.

Hope that helps!

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Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Sweater

Thomas asks…

Where can I buy a tacky Christmas sweater?

I have a tacky sweater Christmas party this Saturday.. and does anyone know where I can buy one?

richmama answers:

Second hand store? You might find a terrible 80s one 🙂

Betty asks…

How to look sexy at a tacky christmas sweater party?

I’m going to a tacky christmas sweater party tonight….and I want to follow the theme. However, I also want to look sexy because its a college football party. I’m a 21yr old girl by the way.

Any suggestions?

richmama answers:

I like the white sweater, skinny jeans, and boots look my self. Maybe curl your hair, and play up the make up.

Sharon asks…

What’s the best way to make a super tacky Christmas sweater?

We are somewhat snowed in…my job is closed today…so I’m at home bored to tears. My husband wants me to make him a super tacky sweater to wear to work tomorrow for a contest.

What should I get at Joann’s fabrics?
Laurie…those ones on ebay are perfectly tacky! 🙂 I wish I had time to just order one!

richmama answers:

If only he gave you some more notice…Ebay has super ugly Christmas sweaters…they are actually called “ugly Christmas sweaters”. I would say take a look at some of them and see if you can copy one of them. Take a look at these:

~ See Jen, the TD fairy doesn’t just follow you around…it doesn’t like me either 🙁

Mary asks…

Do you think Marshall’s would have a tacky christmas sweater?

I need a tacky christmas sweater or vest, very last minute, so I can’t order one off line. Do you think Marshalls would have them? what other stores might carry them? please help.
I already checked walmart and sears. thanks for those suggestions tho.
I went to all the stores mentioned so far as wella s several others and no one has them this year. Kohls had some holiday sweaters but no crazy tacky ones. Thanks for the help anyway!

richmama answers:

Tacky Christmas Sweater abound EVERYWHERE… Try Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Kmart and on and on. Or break out your bedazzler and make your own! 😉

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Your Questions About Ways To Save Money In College

Chris asks…

What is the best way to save money for college?

I will be going to college in just over a year and I need to start saving.. What’s the best way to do that? I think I have a problem with spending money.

richmama answers:





Lizzie asks…

What’s a good way to save money in college?

Is putting refund check in a saving account a good idea? What are some other ideas to save money for college expenses and to have money in my pocket. Anything is good except on-campus jobs since I don’t stay on campus. What other kinds of jobs to people typically work while in college?

richmama answers:

Intern job,ROTC(pay for everything), by the way it might be a good idea to put money in a saving account because when people look at your account they will automatically think you are a rich guy (lots of money in bank) and you will getting less for financial aid(if you eligible).

Linda asks…

what are the best ways to save money while in college in the US? specifics, please!?

anything goes: specific stores / websites that sell cheap stuff; ways to save on food, dorm expenses, etc; where, when and how to shop; where to eat. i would really appreciate specific and detailed answers, thanks a mill!

richmama answers: will compare textbook prices at all different websites (ebay,, barnes & noble) so you can make sure you are getting a good price without going to each individual website. Cut coupons from the paper, shop at thrift stores, go to the library for books & movie entertainment (no cost!) instead of video rental stores, etc.

Sandy asks…

Ways to Save Money in college?

I’m on an army rotc scholarship, which covers room, full tuition, and fees, and $300 a month (goes up each year) and $600 cash a semester for books.

I also get 2500 a year and a freshman book scholarship from the university and i use the 2500 a year for my meal plan.

Some ways i’ve been saving money are….

1) using grocery bags and not buying trash bags
2) Buying the cheap laundry detergent
3) Not eating off campus, and using the “bonus bucks” portion of my meal plan for convenience store items such as milk, lunch, toilet paper, and I’ll soon be buying their laundry detergent
4) taking silverware, napkins, food from the dining hall during dinner
5) selling textbooks that i get new from my scholarship
6) Not buying stuff i don’t need

Any other ways to save or make money for my situation?

richmama answers:

Attend all the “college” or “Job” fairs they have and use the opportunity to collect school supplies. They give away highlighters, pens, pencils, coffee mugs, calculators, post it notes, rulers, tshits, and other stuff you can’t imagine.

Befriend a person who owns a washer and dryer and do your laundry has his/her house.

Garage sales or army surplus for clothes and shoes.

Ideas for Christmas gifts from friends or relatives.
When my baby siblings were in college I would start a “college survival basket” during the month of December. I’d buy a laundry basket, trash can, or backpack and every-time I’d buy a necessity or non perishable food items I’d buy two. Toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, Ramen noodle boxes. They really appreciated it, although it took “outside” family members a bit of time to get used to seeing someone excited to get one of those 300 Fluid Oz of TIDE.
Good Luck.

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Your Questions About Tacky Christmas

Daniel asks…

What to wear to a wakcy tacky christmas party?

I’m have a Christmas party tonight & need some ideas for a wacky tacky outfit. It needs to be a easy idea that I could do at home.

richmama answers:

An idea if you have it is a color coordinated sweat pants(preferably old style with elastic wasted bottoms on the paints kin of deal) and sweat shirt outfit ( decorate the sweatshirt with fabric painted to be holiday themed, or sew of something holiday themed). If you have your ears pierced you could stick bows (for decorating holiday gifts) onto a pair of dangling earrings! Or just an ugly holiday sweater (thrift stores have lots and very cheap prices)! Another idea could be red or green leggings with an over-sized white t shirt.

Betty asks…

Where on the UK highstreet can I buy a tacky Christmas jumper?

Need to get a tacky Christmas jumper for a Christmas party that ideally doesn’t break the bank – I’ve some on eBay but they’re going for thirty / fourty quid!

Ant suggestion would be much appreciated!


richmama answers:

Matalan have some reindeer jumpers/ cardigans in

Carol asks…

what are some good tacky Christmas clothes that i can find around my house?

think 80’s! I’m 14 and my aunt is having a Christmas party tonight. the rules are to dress in tacky Christmas clothes, and i wasn’t even born in the era of the 80’s so I’m in need of some help.

richmama answers:

Hmmm, you can ask your mom if she has any big cheesy holiday sweaters…
Then probably some legwarmers over leggings (red/green) or knee highs (festive pattern) with flats. Skinny jeans with legwarmers works too if it’s cold.

Have fun!!!!!

Robert asks…

Need suggestions for tacky christmas team names for work.?

Our theme is Christmas in Tacky Town so we want our name to be something similar. Any ideas?

richmama answers:

Santas Helpers,the elves, name each one of you the famous reindeer (rudolph donned blixon) , Santas elves, deck the halls, sorry I’m not that great but I can’t think of much right now…… Oh yeah MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Your Questions About Internet Safety Statistics

Mary asks…

survey about internet?

Well kind of. Actually there is a research for a project in my university titled “History of Internet and the utility of the internet in every day’s life” and this is the part with the statistics from a random sample. As much help would be something more than appreciated. If you feel uncomfortable with any question you can PM me.
Thank you one more time

How long have you been using the internet?

How old ere you when you first started to use the internet?

Which are the services that you have deal with through the internet?

Have you ever been in contact with a national service through the internet?
*(optional) If yes what kind service it was?
*(optional) If yes how did they helped you?

Have you ever been in contact with a social service through the internet?
*(optional) If yes what kind service it was?
*(optional) If yes how did they helped you?

In what ways have the internet helped you in your everyday life?

Do you think that social services through the internet can help citizens?

Do you think that the Internet can *interfere* in the relationship between people?

Do you think that there should be safety valves according to the age or the time that someone is using the internet in order to avoid the over disposal and specifically the addition of the internet user?

Do you think that the advantages that the internet offers outcome the disadvantages in psychological level?

Where you are from?

How old are you?

Thank you again, everyone who would like the results can pm me and I will send them to him-her.

richmama answers:

How long have you been using the internet?
Since 1990 – 18 years

How old were you when you first started to use the internet? 39

Which are the services that you have deal with through the internet?

Have you ever been in contact with a national service through the internet?
*(optional) If yes what kind service it was?
*(optional) If yes how did they helped you?

Sorry, i have no idea what you mean by a “national service”

Have you ever been in contact with a social service through the internet?
*(optional) If yes what kind service it was?
*(optional) If yes how did they helped you?

In what ways have the internet helped you in your everyday life?
My friends now live all over the US, and the world. It is much easier to keep in touch by email than by letters or by phone. Also, i really enjoy researching things on the net.

Do you think that social services through the internet can help citizens?

Yes, if they function well, and take into account that the net interface must be allowed for

Do you think that the Internet can *interfere* in the relationship between people?

Yes, but i think this is not generally a problem.

Do you think that there should be safety valves according to the age or the time that someone is using the internet in order to avoid the over disposal and specifically the addition of the internet user?

Not really.
I think this should mostly be an area where the user has full control. I do approve of some sites requiring that you be 18 or even 21 to use their services.

Do you think that the advantages that the internet offers outcome the disadvantages in psychological level?

Where you are from?
Virginia, USA

How old are you?

Robert asks…

What should i do if someone says theyre going to report me to the FBI because i didnt ship anything to them P2?

if you dont knwo what im talking about, read my other question:;_ylt=AjLCSj.A1nTndwBgXWGPJuMazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20090612090358AA8nf7O

so, this guy claims that he payed me and i didnt give him any information, and he said that i didnt send him MY item that i said i could not ship; and this is what he send me, i am really scared ! PLEASE HELP ME !

Name: Kobi Teurn.
E-Mail Address:
Computer Intrusions
Innocent Images: Online Child Pornography Program
Anti-Piracy/Intellectual Property Rights
InfraGard: FBI/Private Sector Partnership

Protect Yourself!
File an Internet Crime Complaint
How to Protect Your Computer
New E-Scams & Warnings
Common Internet Frauds
Risks of Peer-to-Peer Networks
Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety
More Protections

Cases and News
Wi-Fi Security: Advice from the FBI
The New Phenomenon of ‘Swatting’

Online Crime Statistics
FBI/Computer Security Institute Survey
National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace (pdf)
National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance

The FBI team writes this to inform you that your buyer Dr. Trump. who complained to us bitterly over an item he paid you for, which is “HTC Tilt 8925 for AT&T” through PayPal online money order and got doing business with you through, and we also interviewed him to believe that what he said is True concerning the allegations that you scammed him and double crossed him out of his money, which he sent to your PayPal account and also shows to us the proof of the payment made by him and since then the Report was so because he didn’t want to Continue with it maybe. And again the PayPal online money order also sent a report to us about you Providing their own Evidence that you wanted to use their service to Scam others and to rip people off out of their Money. But this will never happen since it has been reported to us. We’re hereby write to inform you that the Merchandise must be shipped as they told you to it’s destination being West Africa/Nigeria to your buyer’s name and Information without any arguement as you both was agreed before this problem came up, failure to do that will attract the real attention of the FBI team in East Harlem the City of New York to track you down because every information about you is with us and we also have your profile in our Data/Computer. So we strongly advice you to ship the Merchandise back to his son’s to the Information which was given to you by him. The FBI’s cyber mission is four-fold: first and foremost, to stop those behind the most serious computer intrusions and the spread of malicious code; second, to identify and thwart online predators who use the Internet to meet and exploit others through internet business and online transactions. Statement report made by the PayPal Team will be sent to you shortly.

richmama answers:

There is nothing this person can do to you as he didn’t pay you and thus the transaction didn’t go through. And you have the right to make whatever terms-of-sale you deem appropriate (ie. No checks, no shipping, etc.). He is only bluffing and trying to force you into giving him something for nothing.

So email him back and tell him it is a crime to misrepresent oneself as a police officer or to misrepresent a communication as being one from a police officer. And then tell him that you forwarded HIS communications to the FBI and he is free to do likewise with your communications.

And then contact PayPal and let them know what is happening to you. Don’t contact this person anymore unless PayPal or a police officer instructs you to. And contact your local police department as I believe what this man is doing is a crime. They will give you further instructions. And as you are a minor, you will need a parent to go with you.

Also, you were wise not to give out your address or your phone number. Never do that and NEVER accept a check (they could be fake). Oh, and never meet any person (including this one) by yourself. Always have a parent with you for your personal safety. There are some very bad people out there who might prefer you to the product you are selling so don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

One last thing. You must tell your parents what happened.

Good luck!

Susan asks…

I want to convince my parents to let me have a Facebook. Will this work?

Ok, so I really want a Facebook. Why? It’s summer. I get bored and lonely. It’s a good way to keep in touch with friends. But I’m not allowed. I always get good grades, and never get in trouble. But I’m still not allowed. I know the dangers of the internet. I know I can handle it maturely, keep my profile private, not add anyone I don’t know in person, don’t give away personal information. But my parents don’t seem to think so. I just wish they would give me a chance. I’ve never done anything to make them think I’m not responsible enough.

So, I came up with an idea to prove(or at least try to prove) that I’m responsible enough. I want to know what your feedback is. Will it work? What should I include? Any suggestions? Ideas?

So here it is: I was thinking of writing a really long and impressive report type thing, to prove I know everything there is to know about internet safety. I will explain to them what not to do on the internet, what I will do on the internet to keep me safe, and reasons why I want a Facebook. I will tell them I won’t ever give out my password to anyone(besides them). I’ll tell them they can log in and check up on my account anytime they want. They can add me as a friend, and watch what I post. If they ever find anything bad, then bam. I’ll be willing to lose my Facebook. I just want to prove I am responsible enough- but how can I do that if I don’t have any responsibilities? I’ll go in to detail on the subjects, do my research, and give them statistics. It will be really long and impressive.

But before I do all that, and spend like a week making it, I want to make sure it will work. If you were a parent, would you accept it? Sorry it’s kind of long. Let me know what you think 🙂

richmama answers:

That might work, but a few things I would recommend you do:

1. Make sure at least one of your parents are on Facebook. Since my mom is on, it helped me get a Facebook account.

2. Find online articles about Facebook (i.e. and that promote the good and bad.

3. Depending on your browser, you can block ads that can be porn.

Remember to add everything to your report as well as implementing sideshows, music, etc. Also, try to take on more responsibilities and use that to make a “child report” to show off good grades, detention records, responsibilities, etc.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Sandra asks…

Statistics, question please help.?


The Shell Oil Company, which began about 1912, had been for decades a household name as a quality oil company in the United States. However, by the late 1970s much of its prestige as a premiere company had disappeared. How could Shell regain its high status?
In the 1990s, Shell undertook an extensive research effort to find out what it needed to do to improve its image. As a first step, Shell hired Responsive Research and the Opinion Research Corporation to conduct a series of focus groups and personal interviews among various segments of the population. Included in these were youths, legislators, academics, and present and past employees of Shell. The researchers learned that people believe that top companies are integral parts of the communities in which the companies are located rather than separate entities. These studies and others led to the development of materials that Shell used to explain their core values to the general public.
Next, PERT Survey Research ran a large quantitative study to determine which values were best received by the target audience. Social issues emerged as the theme with the most support. During the next few months, the advertising agency of Ogilvy & Mather, hired by Shell, developed several campaigns with social themes. Two market research companies were hired to evaluate the receptiveness of the various campaigns. The result was the “Count on Shell” campaign, which featured safety messages with useful information about what to do in various dangerous situations.
A public “Count on Shell” campaign was launched in February 1998 and met with considerable success: the ability to recall Shell advertising jumped from 20% to 32% among opinion influencer’s; more than 1million copies of Shell’s free safety brochures were distributed and activity on Shell’s Internet “Count on Shell” site remains extremely strong. By promoting itself as a reliable company that cares, Shell seems to be regaining its premiere status.
Today, Shell continues its efforts to be “community friendly.” United Way of America announced Shell Oil Company as one of its three Spirit of America Summit Award winners for 2002 and commended the company for its outstanding volunteer and corporate contributions programs. Several Shell employees were recognized by the Houston Minority Business Council for their continued efforts to provide windows of opportunity for minority business owners and strengthen Shell’s commitment to supplier diversity. Shell employees and retires give back to their communities through such Shell-sponsored activities as America’s WETLAND campaign, Shell’s Workforce Development Initiative, and other community/quality of life and environmental projects. Shell is also a strong supporter of the Points of Light Foundation, which strives to engage people more effectively in volunteer community service.

1. Suppose you were asked to develop a sampling plan to determine what a “premiere company” is to the general public. What sampling plan would you use? What is the target population? What would you use for a frame? Which of the four types of random sampling discussed in this chapter would you use? Could you use a combination of two or more of the types (two-stage-sampling)? If so, how?

2. It appears that at least one of the research companies hired by Shell used some stratification in their sampling. What are some of the variables on which they are stratified? If you were truly interested in ascertaining opinions from a variety of segments of the population which regard to opinions on “premiere” companies or about Shell, what strata might make sense? Name at least five and justify why you would include them.

richmama answers:

There is so much information missing that it is impossible to answer these question. Which works out well since this was so boring it put me to sleep. I can see why you don’t want to do it yourself. Getting others to do it for you will be good practice for later in life, when you call back orders to the cook.

I’m going to shell in a handbasket for this.

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