Your Questions About Tween Girl Birthday Party Ideas

Joseph asks…

Birthday party ideas for a tween girl?

Birthday party ideas for a tween girl?
Hello!I am the mother of a soon-to-be 12 years old daughter and I need some idea of themes,party games and Party songs.Thanks!

richmama answers:

My son was invited to many girl’s birthday parties in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. There was dancing and board game playing such as guesstures, pictionary, etc. He had a good time and the party always ended around ten.

Sharon asks…

Tween Birthday party: Best fun and n’joyment ideas for 10 yrs girl B’day party in SugarLand , TX?

I like to know ideas for Best fun and n’joyment ideas for 10 yrs girl B’day party in Sugar land , Houston , TX

richmama answers:

Eat some sugar. Get some cavities. Make your parents pay through the nose with more health care shitt.

John asks…

Tween Birthday Party Ideas?

what is a good idea for a birthday party for a girl around 6th grade not too expensive ( i had a big birthday last year)
what about a mall scavenger hunt???

richmama answers:

Hawaiin pool party.
If you have a pool than do that, when i had my 12th b-day party thats what i had and it was so much fun.

Do tiki torches (cheap) and have like hawaiin flowers and stuff like that.

Thomas asks…

What are some good ideas for a tween/teen girl’s birthday party?

I have a birthday party coming up in a few months, but I have nothing to do! I have no price range, so just give me all of your ideas!

richmama answers:

When I was helping to plan my sisters party I came across the website

They sell personalized candy bar wrappers at a reasonable price. I thought it was a really great unique idea.
I bought some for her party, they came really quickly and turned out great!!! Everyone loved them and I plan on going back to this website for any other favors I need…I keep telling everyone about it!! In fact I just posted this on another question because I just think it is such a cool idea.

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