Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

Trick or Treat Tips…

Here are 13 safe and healthy trick or treat tips from BuyCostumes.com…Be sure to check out their free shipping deal with ShopRunner.com to help you save some dough this Halloween…

1. For colder climates, begin by purchasing a costume that’s at least one size larger to allow for insulating layers underneath.
2. Add reflective tape to costumes and candy buckets.
3. Use safety pins to shorten long costumes and avoid tripping.
4. Sew your child’s name and phone number inside costume in case she or he gets lost.
5. Ask older kids who trick-or-treat by themselves to plan a route and share it with a grown-up. Set a return time.
6. Instruct kids not to eat treats until a grown-up has inspected them first. Candy that’s already been opened should be tossed. For little kids, trade small, hard candy for soft treats, as these could be a choking hazard.
7. Remove masks when crossing the street, and cross only at corners.
8. Don’t walk between parked cars.
9. Carry a flashlight. If possible, also bring along a colored light for better night vision.
10. Be careful near candles and jack-o’-lanterns.
11. Only visit homes that have an outside light on.
12. Accept treats at the door, and don’t go inside a stranger’s home.
13. Avoid petting animals without asking first.