Your Questions About Internet Safety For Kids Video

George asks…

Should I make this video?

Alright,you may or may not know that I am a huge Nick Jonas/Jonas Brothers fan. For Nick’s birthday,I was going to make one of those Youtube slideshows to one of the songs with birthday message titles. Well,for some reason,the music won’t work on Windows Movie Maker, so I asked my mom to research a solution. I thought about it,and decided I could film myself webcam-style reading a poem or something for him. Mom liked the idea,but now I am having second thoughts. I am very internet safety paranoid. Online chats with camp friends have been very awkward. I’m so reserved.I also want to practice what I preach when I do my Girl Scout project on teaching other kids net safety.Am I over-freaked over a simple video or are there other options to just make a slideshow?Help!

richmama answers:

Could you shoot the video with puppets, or the images you would have used in the slide show? You don’t have to have the camera pointing at you, do you? You could just do a narrative.

Mary asks…

I’m having problems with accessing the website.?

All that pulls up is the main home page for disney channel, but when I go to click a hotlink to the high school musical video thing it just shows the following:
Anything you send to us or do here could end up on TV — on Disney Channel!
Internet Safety | Privacy Policy/Your California Privacy Rights | Terms of Use
Disney ABC Cable Networks Group – Kids TV
© Disney. All rights reserved.

richmama answers:

Try this:

Sharon asks…

The as the world turn spoiler Soap TV .?

What do you think about this. Dirty Politics

When an offensive video about Luke shows up on the Internet, Luke naturally gets very upset. Casey asks Alison if she would flirt with Kevin to get information about the campaign. At the Halloween party at Yo’s, Alison is successful in her flirtations with Kevin. Kevin informs Alison that he will have Mark, his campaign manager, take the video about Luke down. Kevin insists to Luke and Noah that it wasn’t him that posted the video, that it was Mark. Luke isn’t buying it and accuses Kevin of harboring a grudge against Luke from what happened to them in the past. Mark finds out that Alison is working for Luke. Mark tells Kevin and Kevin, fed up with Luke’s accusations and Alison’s manipulations tell Mark to do whatever he has to do. Noah and Luke discuss the campaign and Noah urges Luke to drop out of the campaign as he fears it is getting too personal. Luke still wants to run and Noah thinks that Luke may still have some feelings for Kevin.

Later, Mark’s friends get Casey drunk and steal his Halloween costume. Mark puts on Casey’s costume and tricks Alison into getting into a car with him. Once in the car, Alison realizes that she is not with Casey and a person in the back seat puts a pillow case over her head. Her kidnappers take her back to a dorm room and force her to take her clothes off. They want her to act out one of her old porn films. Casey eventually finds Alison in Old Town wearing nothing but her underwear. He lends her some clothes and takes her back to his place. Tom and Margo, who are out having a romantic dinner, are angry at Casey when they return home to find Alison there. Later, Casey and Alison search the dorm for the room she was held in. When they knock on the door, Mark answers it and Casey jumps him. The cops are called and all of them are brought to the police station. Margo and Tom are furious with their son, even when he explains about Alison’s kidnapping. Alison can’t positively ID her kidnappers because they were wearing masks. Since Casey is still on probation, he is thrown in jail.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Meg goes to Dusty to warn him that Paul will do anything to keep Dusty out of his way. Dusty, fearful of Meg’s safety, goes to Derek and offers him a job as Meg’s bodyguard. Paul tells Emily that he knows how to take care of Dusty. Paul pulls out a gun. Emily tries to convince him that killing Dusty would be a horrible idea. Emily leaves and James appears and tells Paul that he has to take care of Dusty. Paul, with the gun, goes to the Lakeview in search of Dusty. On his way there, Paul runs into a psychic who tells him not to follow through with whatever he has planned. Instead of going to the Lakeview, Paul hunts down Emily at Worldwide where he gives her his gun. Dusty arrives and asks the two what is going on. Paul apologizes and quickly leaves. Emily tells Dusty that Paul means it and she apologizes to Dusty as well. Dusty was hurt by the Jennifer reference but he accepts Emily’s apology. He leaves Emily and heads to the Lakeview. He too sees the same psychic that Paul had seen. The psychic alludes that Jennifer may be alive.

Oakdale Happenings….

Jack and Janet go to see Carly and the kids. The two announce that they are getting married. Parker is furious with Jack when Liberty tells him that they can’t date anymore. Sage questions Carly and asks her why she doesn’t stop them from getting married. Janet’s ring falls off and Sage hides it from her. When Carly finds out that Sage has the ring, she takes the ring from her daughter. Even though Carly doesn’t want Jack and Janet marrying, she does the right thing and returns the engagement ring. Sage refuses to go with Janet on Halloween and Liberty blows off Parker to go to a party.

Katie and Brad are still not speaking to each other. Henry overhears Spencer talking about a package. When the package arrives, Henry opens it. Henry starts taking it apart. Spencer sees him and starts screaming, which brings Brad and Katie running. Brad blames Katie and Katie is angry at Brad when he doesn’t believe her that she had nothing to do with the package.

Lily is still keeping Lucinda from seeing her grandchildren. Brian takes Lucinda out and Brian admits his feelings to Lucinda. They kiss. Later, Lucinda learns that her breast cancer has returned. She breaks it off with Brian, but refuses to tell him why.

richmama answers:

Thanks for your time on the update for the up coming shows for ATWT. I’ve only been a fan for a few years but I love to know whats coming up. It’s like the previews they show at night for other favorite shows. Thanks again and have a great weekend.

Ken asks…

Question involving a break-in that was in my car.?

Recently I parked my car with a gym bag in the passenger seat, just had clothes and $150 dollars, at the time i parked my car there were many cars parked near it, and it was busy. The parking lot unfortunately in the back i found is not completely covered with a security camera so i was in that zone where it was not covered, great i know. So it became later at night and don’t get me wrong i ALWAYS have parked my car there for around 2 years during weekends this has never happened to me and i would not suspect that my car would be targeted for just a gym bag in my car. So anyways they broke my window by smashing it with a sewer cap that was part of a sidewalk. Apparently my friend noticed where it came from when he was walkin at the sidewalk in front of the store which had a camera, so we basically have a tape of the people who did it, cause they took it from there in front of the camera. Than i call the police they sent a new officer who showed up to the scene about an hour later making me wait outside for that amount, instead of just telling me when they will be there. Than i file the report and tell them that they should be on tape of the people who have tooken it, everyone in the internet cafe already knows who most likely has done it, as they were these group of kids who have stolen from the shop before and have a restraining order from there but still show up there. The sewer cap was still in my car, so that should be proof, they took pictures of the cap and put it back on the sidewalk. They did not seem to care WHATSOEVER, the lady officer told me to call the number listed on the report i recieved and to make ME go give them a recording from the store, which the people from the store don’t seem to really care, cause when i asked the guy told me that he didn’t know how to work the cameras. So i dont know what i should do, should i go through the effort of getting the video and than find out where i should turn it in for the police ? Does anyone believe that they will be even investigating this incident? Does anyone know that if i get the video of them picking up the sewer cap would qualify for them to breaking in my car? I mean seriously what proof would it have to take, that these kids who have a restraining order for 150 ft from the place their at, taking a sewer cap right in front of it, which i would believe is another violation of public safety leaving a hole in the ground, and than mysteriously pops in my car with a stolen gym bag… I want these people to pay for my damages that ended up costing me around $400 dollars if i include the valuable and the cost of replacing my window which came out of my pocket…If not im seriously getting the closest bat, and i’ll deal with this shit myself.

richmama answers:

Way too much detail. What is your question ?

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