Your Questions About Kids Reading To Dogs

Donald asks…

Kids and dogs…..long please read. Thanks!?

Ok, so ever since I’ve joined YA I have noticed A LOT of kids coming on here and asking for ways to convince their parents to get them a dog. (I don’t answer these questions because they just infuriate me to no end!!) Here is why.
First, I want to say that millions of dogs each year get put into shelters because of these reasons:
1. Kids didn’t know how to properly treat or respect a dog so the dog bit them or showed aggressiveness toward them.
2. The novelty of a dog wore off so now they completely ignore it and the parents unwillingly take over and eventually dump the dog.
3.Owning a dog is a huge responsibility, more so than any kid will EVER realize, and when they can’t handle more than feeding and taking the dog out they suddenly don’t want a dog anymore.
4.Children in elementary school and younger tend to not understand that a dog is not a giant toy and that’s when disaster strikes.
5.Many kids have the perfect vision of a “dream dog” ex. A cute, white, tiny, fluffy, oh so adorable, loving, well behaved dog and when they finally get a dog that doesn’t quite fit that “dream” owning a dog to them just becomes a nuisance .
6.Parents are MAJOR causes of this too. They should NEVER get their kids a dog just because they’re fed up with their screaming, crying, begging, whining and not stop talk of dogs. But some of them do anyway. And what makes some parents think that they NEED to get a dog for their two year old? I’ve seen questions like “What is a good dog for my almost three year old?” Now that’s just ridiculous!
7.Or it can be ALL of the above.

I’m tired of these kids saying that they have the money to pay for a dog! Good for you if you miraculously saved up the money to buy a dog but you have to be a well informed, mature, (Which means you DO NOT come on here and beg strangers to help you convince your parents to get you a dog. That’s being IMMATURE.) responsible, intelligent person.

I’ve seen questions asked by kids who already HAVE a dog and now they want ANOTHER one! Shouldn’t you be grateful that you even got a dog in the first place?

What are everyone else’s opinions? What do you think will stop this trend? Do you think having kids be REQUIRED to take classes in school EVERY DAY on how to treat animals of ANY KIND will help?

If any kids read this, PLEASE reconsider and do NOT get a dog!!! You will be responsible for just ANOTHER helpless dog that gets dumped in a shelter!

Obviously, I can’t change the world. But if I can change one person from maybe getting a dog when they shouldn’t, then that is a step in the right direction.

No fighting or rude answers please. Best answer will be chosen.
ADD: Wow, some of you have some really good answers!

Derrick, I love the pet rat idea! I never would have thought of that!
ko ko and ? I don’t mind that you have or want dogs. I don’t want to discourage kids or teens that are mature and responsible and are huge animal lovers to not want a dog! I just want the other big majority of kids and teens that WANT a dog but really SHOULD NOT get a dog to rethink their decisions.

richmama answers:

I agree

The people who want to get puppies for their toddlers is expecially frustrating. Toddlers dont understand that pets have feelings and needs.. Toddlers can be quite selfish little brats- not necessarily to any fault of the parent, its just part of how kids grow and develop.. They become self aware first before they realize that others have wants and needs too. Dogs are NOT living stuffed animals!

NO parent should get their kid a pet, unless the parent is prepared to take on the responsability of caring for the pet when the child looses interest.

Lizzie asks…

Are Boxer dogs good with kids? Read for details below.?

Well,my sister birthday is coming up and she wants a boxer.I wanted to know.Are they good dogs and playful? Are they loud?Please give me alot information about boxer’s! Best answer will receive 10 extra points! Please help!
Yea we were getting the boxer before my sister was gonna have a birthday but it got delayed cause of my dad’s trip.So yea.

richmama answers:

My dog is a boxer-mix. It’s not to body of a boxer and pretty much the same behavior. I remember looking boxers up when we first got him at the library. They’re really friendly dogs (for the most part, just like people there’s always an odd one out). But they’re jumpers. They need plenty of space to run around, so they’re not good for small backyards and if you plan on keeping the dog fenced but not tied it needs to be a high fence because they’ll clear it. They can sometimes be overly friendly (jumping up on people) but overall, they’re generally good-natured dogs.

I suggest doing an internet search for specifics, if you’re really concerned. But basically just be careful when you attain the puppy, make sure it’s not already mean, but good spirited and not overly shy because they can come off as violent towards loud noises and aggressive to active children.

Michael asks…

Dogs that are good with kids, other dogs, and cats – read details?

We have a boston terrier

People: Male dad, female mom, 12 year old boy,15 year old boy, 10 year old sister, 3 year old girl.

Dog thats good with kids, cats, and other dogs (please don’t say boston terrier. And won’t leave the yard

EXTRAS: Active, good guard dogs, easy to train

richmama answers:

I would say Pit Bull but you want one easy to train so. I would recommend a Boxer. A very loyal dog great with families and good guard dog also fairly easy to train.

John asks…

To All Australian Shepherd Owners: Are these dogs good with kids?

I want to own a dog, I do have 3 cats and two ferrets, and I do have time to keep up with an Aussie.

I want to be active, at least go jogging with this dog for 1-2 hours. I live in Massachusetts.

However I want to use my dog as some kind of motivator to children in church. Like have the kids read him/her a book. Yes, I do intend on taking my dog to church with me, and use him/her for the glory of God. I’ve seen some dogs used for this, and I want my pup to take part.

I am a stay home wife, and I have no children and I don’t plan on having one soon. My husband is an active person, and I do want an active dog, because he/she will fit our lifestyle. And I do not want a small dog

I was thinking of a pitbull, because I know they are good with children. Another breed I was thinking was the rough collie, knowing they are great.

Any concerns I should have? 10 pts for best answer.

richmama answers:

All three breeds are typically good with kids.

The only down side of the aussie and collie is the amount of shedding they do. Not sure how bad Apbts are for that. My aussie was poorly bred (BYB, sister got her and then dumped Lady on me) but she was great with kids.

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