Mindful Eating Helps Weight Loss

Mindful Eating Helps Weight LossCan you lose the belly fat just by taking time to savor your meals?  As a HotMama you probably feel that you never have enough time to eat a proper meal let alone sit down and savor it.  But taking the time to eat slowly and mindfully can help you lose weight without breaking a sweat.   Mindful eating is the practice of eating slowly and meaningfully, relishing the food you put in your mouth, chewing fully and swallowing before shoveling the next forkful into your mouth.  Mindful eating, which will slow you down, will allow you to really feel that you have eaten, instead of that letdown feeling after you have inhaled your food.  It also give enough time for the brain to catch up to the stomach – generally we are physically full about 20 minutes before our brains register the thought.  If you truly slow down, then your stomach and brain will be more in synch – and you will be less likely to overeat – and eat more calories.

So how can a busy mom practice some mindful eating.  Pick a meal and resolve to savor it – it might be that breakfast is the easiest meal for you to have in quiet, or lunch when you’re at work or alone while the kids are at school.  You can still eat a bowl of ceral or a simple turkey sandwich mindfully.  Create a clutter free, stress free zone.  Put out a nice plate, a napkin, and clear the table.  Eat slowly one bite at a time, chewing and swallowing fully before taking the next bite.    You’ll find that it will take longer to eat your meal, but that you feel fuller and calmer – and perhaps less likely to hit the donut tray at mid-day.