Three Great Interval Training Walking Programs to Burn More Weight

Did you know that you can burn calories (and lose weight faster) by working out less?  Oh yes, RichMama’s – it’s true…read on…If you’re looking for interval training walking programs, you may be wondering what’s out there. Here are three great interval training walking programs to help you burn more weight.

Lunchtime Walk

If you want to prevent weight gain from your desk or office job, one of the most doable programs for working people is to walk during your lunch hour. Bring a pair of walking shoes to the office and go for it! Here’s how this program works.

First, bring your lunch to work or order take-out. If you bring your lunch, leave your desk at noon and head out. Choose a destination that’s about half a mile away. Walk briskly along the sidewalk and don’t stop for red lights; instead, jog in place or turn down the block. You may add on some distance but one of the keys to interval training is to keep up the intensity.

After about a minute, scale back and walk moderately to your destination. If you ordered take-out, pick it up and head back. If not, simply turn around and head back to the office. Repeat the same alternating program of intensity and moderation.

Treadmill Program

If you have a treadmill, you can do a great interval training program on it. As long as you can adjust the incline and your treadmill has a reliable timer, you can create an effective interval training program using your machine.

First, stretch well, focusing on your calves, buttocks and thighs. Begin with about 5 minutes of moderate walking on a 1% incline (or so). Then up the intensity to a steeper incline and walk hard and fast for 1 minute. Reduce the incline back to 1% and walk moderately for 4 minutes. Experts recommend you repeat this for 30 minutes.

Of course, you can do this at a gym or on a home treadmill.

Speed versus Moderate

If you have access to a track or something similar, you can do the interval program right in your neighborhood. In this case, you can’t control the incline outside, but you can vary the speed.

Once you’ve stretched, walk moderately for 5 minutes. Then speed up to an intense, rapid walk or even a slow jog. Do this intense walking for 1 minute, then go back to the moderate walking for 4 minutes. Again, repeat for 30 minutes.

Remember, during the moderate walking intervals, you still need to keep up a decent pace; don’t amble. Experts say you can tell you’ve hit the right pace when you could keep it up for 30 minutes if you wanted to.

Does Eat Less Move More Really Help You Lose Weight?

The basic formula for gaining and losing weight is well known: a pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. When you consider that an hour of moderate exercise like walking only burns 350 calories you realize that one has to walk (run, swim, bike) a lot of miles to lose a pound.  As a busy mama, do you really have 10 hours a week to dedicate to losing weight? Do you want to?  Perhaps you should be working on your finances, growing a side business or spending quality time with your family.  Which is why this article from the NY Times caught my eye, “Debunking the Hunter-Gatherer Workout”

In this article, the author studies the Hadza tribe who live in East Africa, in hilly dry terrain.  The woman of the tribe gather, looking tubers, berries and other wild plant foods, while carrying heavy stuff like firewood, water and sometimes babies.  The men go out hunting for small game with arrows.

So does the Hadza tribe, who do not show signs of obesity and move way more than the average sedentary American, expend much more energy?  Is that why they’re ‘skinny’ and we’re (for the most part) not?  Many experts would have you believe that it’s the change in our acitvity levels in the past 100 years or so that accounts for America’s expanding waistline.

But wait – get this. As it turns out the Hadza tribe members didn’t burn that many more calories than the average American desk jockey, even though they are much more active. So in other words they don’t burn thousands of calories a day doing what they need to do to get their jobs done.  So why are they skinnier?

Well the author, who helped head up this study speculates it’s not their exercise level…It’s their diet.  Yup, the fact that the tribe eats moderate portions of animal protein,  fruits, honey and vegetables – no cultivated grains or processed sugar makes them skinnier.

So what can we get from this…Guess what – you don’t need to exercise constantly to lose weight.  You have to change the way you eat – you can’t go on a diet…you have to stop eating like an American and start eating like a hunter-gatherer — lots of veggies and some protein.  Grans for the most part are absent, as is sugar in all its forms (except fruit).

Sure perhaps getting up at 5 am in the morning to do a p90x workout sounds like fun to you, but I could really do something amazing with an extra 6 hours a week.

In truth, it seems that we need to get serious – we’re not getting fat because we don’t do aerobics.  We’re getting fat because we eat too much junk.  And it takes a whole lot of exercise to overcome the bad effects of a box of cookies or a bag of chips…So ask yourself – what you rather do – eat better…or exercise a lot…

I’d rather eat better.