Simple Wealth System For Families

Get Out Of DebtCreating a simple wealth system for your family doesn’t have to be hard.  Building wealth actually requires a holistic approach  – you need to build up your life mentally,  emotionally, spiritually, and financially. The words “health” and “wealth” actually come from the same root, which means “wholeness” in the sense of being complete.  When we improve our health, we should also include our wealth health – after all, you can’t have mental health if you’re worried over paying the bills all the time.  So a  simple wealth systems for families boils down to three steps:

Attract Wealth – You can attract wealth to your life by managing your money better – this is where  good household budgets comes in. You need a system for managing the money you are making or bringing into your life before going out and making more – cause if you’re spending it all now, well guess what  — you’ll just spend more of it mindlessly when you have more to spend.

Even as a stay at home mom you can make a tremendous impact in your family’s level of wealth by focusing on how it’s spent.  Even just one simple change – like trimming your food budget  – by committing to eating in and/or using coupons – can make a huge difference.  E


Attract Wealth Spiritually

They say you have to give to get and that no matter where you are in building wealth you should donate money.  The good feeling we get from being generous far outweighs the good feeling we get from a new pair of shoes.   But don’t let your charitable giving bankrupt you – we get hit up in so many ways, from the wrapping paper drive to candy sales for the band.   Not to mention all the worthy
“big” causes out there.

Just remember it’s ok to say no to some things – and to not keep up with the Joneses when it comes to giving – especially if you’re still trying to pay down credit card debt.

Attract Wealth with Positive Thinking

This is a tricky one.  Just thinking about being rich or wealthy won’t get you there.  But a positive mental attitude  — one that thinks your family deserves to be have the benefits of wealth – like freedom from debt, security, comfort about money – is definitely your right – and key to a family wealth system.

So you do need to create a positive mental idea of what wealth means to you – get specific – is it a picture of zero balance credit cars, your own home, sending your kids to college?   Note how none of this pictures have you driving a Bentley around town…

Use that picture and the good feelings it creates to help you when it comes to making money and spending decisions.   As they say, nothing tastes as good as thin feels – just turn that around and think….money spent never tastes as good as money saved…it will help you evaluate whether or not your spending decisions – especially an impulsive one – is worth it in the greater scheme of things.

So there you go – so simple strategies to create your own personal wealth systems for your family.  The backbone of any system truly is managing your household budget – and figuring out why and where you spend money – so you can make better decisions.  For the complete household budget system – reasonably priced – check out the RichMama Secrets to a Family Budget that Work. Check it out here: