Simple Ways to Have More Fun With Your Kids


Family Playtime Reduces Stress

Children can be such fun to be around – after all, that probably one of the reasons why you started a family.  Kids have an enthusiasm and joy that is catching.  They know how to enjoy themselves with the simplest of things.  But that’s a trait that seems hard to come by when we’re parents.  Stress can also make it even harder to have simple fun with your kids.  So try using some of these ideas to jumpstart your silly gene and get to having fun with your kids.

Make Silly Voices – Bedtime is a great time to read stories and it helps ease kids into sleep naturally.  But instead of reading the book in a regular voice, decide to make a show of it.  Come up with a new voice or accent for each character.  Raise or lower your voice for emphasis, or speed it up or slow it down to create drama and tension.  Your kids will be enthralled, and even if they get the giggles, you will still be able to calm them down – and they will think you’re ready for an Oscar.

Cook Together – Put aside some time each week to cook with your children. This is a tactile and messy activity that kids will love.  Forget to worry about the mess and just let the fun happen.  You can bake a cake, cookies of cupcakes.  You can even give your children their own bowls, flower, water and some other simple ingredients and let them make their own concoctions – while you make the “real” batch.  This way they have plenty of fun without worrying about measuring or fingers in the batter.


Have a Video Game Tournament

Have a Video Game Tournament – Play a day of video games together.  Pick an hour or two and a one or two games the whole family can play.  Then play against your kids and get into the action. Even if you lose every game, your kids will love playing with you and sharing all their “expertise.”  You can even give out little prizes to the winners.

Go Outside – If your kids are little, go outside with them.  You can always play catch, hopscotch or jump rope.  You can set up a bug scavenger hunt, or even use the play set for make believe.

Build an Indoor Fort – turn your family room or living room into a fort.  Pile up furniture, pillows and blankets to create a fort, a castle or a pirate’s treasure cave.  Use your imagination and play with your kids.

If you feel that you have too much to do to play with your kids, then try and set aside a block of time – maybe a half hour or an hour to focus on playing with them and getting them started.   They’ll get the benefit of your undivided attention and will be more understanding when it’s time to do your “mommy chores.”  And you never know – by taking the time for some good old fashioned playtime, you may forget all about your stresses and to-do list.