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Your Questions About Family Budget Worksheet

Sandra asks…

where could I find a free family budget worksheet?

richmama answers:


Sandy asks…

What is the best way to budget my family’s income?

My husband and I are really bad at saving money! Is there a website that can give us tips maybe a worksheet somthing to help. We know that if we budget right we can have so much money left over in a month! Please help!!

richmama answers:

Here are some links.


Mark asks…

Help! I have to make a worksheet for school?!?!?!?!?

O.k. so for school my math class has to make worksheets for the lower grades to work on. The worksheets have to do with poorer countries in South America. So what I was thinking of doing is going to make a worksheet on family budgets (for example, say the family makes 10$ a month but they would have to convert it to Ecuador’s currency, then on the worksheet they would have to figure out about how much the family would spend on school, food, and food for their animals) The only problem is, is I am stuck and don’t know how to start it or what to do.

Can anybody give any sugjestions on what I should do? Also, any websites where I can get information on poor families in Ecuador?

richmama answers:

I would create charts in MS word with the equation to convert money (probably too hard for them to do) and boxes to fill in the answers. List how much different things cost and have them put a number next to how much they would buy (ex. Animal feed=$1, Food= $2 day per person, School=$30 year) and have a box across from that for a quantity then a box that say x(the dollar amount) and another box to the right for total. Then they add it all up and see if they can afford it.

I know I missed some stuff, but that is a quick synopsis of what I would do.

Thomas asks…

I’m looking for guidance on how to create a program for people wanting to improve their financial future.

I’m planning for a new program that will help people who are looking to improve their financial situation.

I want to hear what you really want to know about improving your credit or getting out of debt or making more money.

Here’s the deal: If you give me a few moments of your time and input, I’ll gratefully give you a FREE copy of these ebooks and worksheet that can help you change your spending habits, reduce debt an take charge of your financial future.

1. Money4Life ebook which will start you down the road to successful budgeting for yourself and your family.

2. Secrets To Creating A Family Budget That Leads You Out Of Debt

3. 101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak

4. Budget worksheet to help you start tracking your money. Once you see where you money is going it becomes 100 times easier to plug the holes.

Just go visit the link below and that will tell you how to get to the survey.

By the way, the free ebooks are only available to the first 100 people who respond… so please get out to the survey today, answer the questions right now and then click on the “Done” button.

Thanks so very much for your input, I really appreciate it!

Warm regards,

richmama answers:

Improve your financial situation:
spend less
save more
invest wisely

spending less / saving more is a almost a function of psychology. People need to be in better control of their impulses and reject advertising that makes them feel insecure about the looks, clothes, cars, luxuries, etc.

Budgeting would be the second key part of spending less / saving more. is a fantastic resource – makes budgeting, and even more importantly, tracking your spending, simple.

Invest wisely – everyone should read Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor. While it speaks to some concrete investing techniques, it also focuses on the psychological side. Again, investors read about other people making huge returns or they want to “get rich quick” and take too much risk. Saving money and investing it smartly and safely will quickly help people get ahead.

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