Your Questions About How To Budget A Wedding

Richard asks…

Any help for a low budget Wedding?

I am planning a wedding for next year around September or October, but I really do not have a big budget. How can I achieve the wedding I have in my mind on a budget?
Does anyone have some books or a website that will be able to help me out? Or any other tips for that matter?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

richmama answers:

Check often times brides will sell leftover decorations after their weddings and you can get a ton of stuff for cheap.

Also check for the same reasons. I found tons of decorations on both ebay & craigslist for pretty cheap.

Check Dollar Stores you may need to visit a few but they usually have some decorations. They usually have candles and things that can be used as centerpieces.

Http:// – has tons of decorations for weddings and other themes for pretty cheap.

Be crafty! Make stuff yourself go to Hobby Lobby or other craft stores. You can make a lot of decorations, centerpieces, favors and ceremony supplies yourself for way cheaper.

Http:// – information on saving money – more info on money saving

Target & Walmart also have decent wedding selections although they are usually the highest price of the things I have listed.

I bought this from Target and it has been a ton of help in planning so that might be a good place to start.

Also check out & for planning

See if you can get a friend to help with photography. Or is a great place to search for photographers just starting out! Often times you can get them to shoot your wedding digital for under $100. I’ve even seen people offer to do it for free just for experience.

Again check for a DJ or band. I found some great people that were just starting out for a lot cheaper than some larger companies.

You can also check for caterers. Again I found many people just trying to get experience that would do it for much cheaper than a larger company. Or ask friends & family for help.

Try to have your wedding at your own home, a friends home a park or a church are usually the cheapest places.

Wedding Cake – Super Target has great cakes and are quite a bit cheaper. Also Wal-Mart has decent cake and might be a good place to try too. Again will probably put you in touch with a good baker. 🙂

Hope this helps!

David asks…

I need ideas for a LOW budget wedding with carolina panther colors?

I don’t really have a big budget and I don’t really have any idea on how to decorate the church for our wedding in October! I just know the colors. I have a few ideas for the reception just not the church…i really don’t have a lot of money to spend on this, and I don’t really have a lot of time. thank you so much for your help

also if you could answer, or have someone you know answer my question on a really good national cell phone plan and if it’s any good in Washington state.

richmama answers:

You just have to make a little go a long way! Don’t try to buy a lot of little cheap things because you won’t get enough bang for your buck. My wedding colors are the same shade of blue, and I have found a lot of cheap things. You will be in a church, so on every other pew or so, tie a blue satin ribbon with maybe some silver bell accents tied to them. Something like this, maybe:

Instead of an archway, get two tall topiaries or gathered branches and put on the church stage. You can stand between these. On the topiary or the branches, use silk hydrangeas. They look pretty close to the real thing. Put a couple of small flower arrangements on either side of the stage, too, just to get rid of negative space.

I would also put a table up with some a nice unity candle set and nice aisle runner. Get things personalized if possible, that way it seems like your wedding was thoughtful and certainly doesn’t look like a trip to Wal-Mart:

Here is a wedding that you can look at that I think is really nice: If you notice, there isn’t too much going on, just large pieces, and that’s what makes it look so nice.

As for favors, just do bubbles, little bells, or get rose petal cones and give to the guests. Don’t worry about spending too much money on that kind of thing!

Hope this helped!

John asks…

Do you have any tips for planning a budget wedding?

My boyfriend and I have been engaged for a couple years now. We just had a beautiful baby (She is 10 weeks old now). And I really think it is about time we tied the knot.

First of all I have no idea how to plan a wedding! And second of all money is a little tight! Any tips?

richmama answers:

I have a TON of tips..get ready for a novel (sorry in advance!!)

1. The first thing to do is have a small guest list. The fewer the guests, the less mouths you have to feed.

2. Have your wedding in the off season. This is September, October, November, December (save for christmas and new years) Jan, February (usually not valentine’s day though) March and April. You can also save a lot of money by choosing to do your event on a weekday. Not only will you save, but you’ll most likely have your pick of top notch vendors.

3. Think outside the traditional reception. Instead, try something like a cocktails and hors d’eouvres only party, just desserts, a luncheon or even a nice brunch reception. If you can, cater the event yourself. This tends to be less costly.

4. Supplying your own liquor saves you money as well. If that’s not an option, try going with a basic House Package or a Beer and Wine only option. These are still nice and definitely not tacky like a cash bar would be. You could also forgo alcohol and do a dry reception. Buy glass juice dispensers and fill them with lemonade and lemon slices, fruit punch, iced tea, and maybe some nice sangrias. This is very elegant and cost effective.

5. DIY invitation kits from Craft stores are an excellant way to save money. They cost a lot less than traditional invites.

6. Check with your local grocery stores and see if they do flower arrangements. They will most likely cost less than a traditional florist. You can also buy your flowers in bulk and do them yourself, keep in mind that this is very time consuming and you will probably need a lot of help. Websites like have great flower packages I believe you can get a 7pc intimate wedding set for 300/400 dollars..which is about the average price of one bouquet from a florist.

7. Cupcake stands usually cost less than a traditional cake from a baker. But if you have your heart set on one, try getting a smaller cake for the two of you to cut and storing sheet cakes in the back, no one will know the difference, trust me. You can also try purchasing a wedding cake from a grocery store like Wal Mart. Thier cakes run about 150-200.00 Plus no one need ever know.

8. Non floral centerpieces save you a lot of money. You could try doing ‘half and halfs’ half of your tables with flowers, half without if you have your heart set on blooms.

9. City owned facilities cost a lot less to rent than a traditional reception site. Check with your local county and see what parks are available to rent. Some even have gazebos..I know there are a few parks around my area that will include a tent in your rental fee.

10. Scout out local colleges for student photographers. They can photograph your event a lot cheaper than a professional. I would also check out colleges and high school music programs for musicans.

11. Instead of a DJ, you could use your ipod to create the music for your wedding. Have a friend do your announcements and then just let your ipod play..the plus side? You’ll get to choose every single song and make SURE that you like them 🙂

12. Try buying your gown off the rack. Stores like David’s Bridal and Group USA are a lot cheaper than other bridal salons. also has wedding gowns on thier website. You could buy a plainer dress and then add beading, etc. To it later..this is a great way to personalize your look.

13. When it comes to flowers and decor, try and stay within your season. Tulips will be a lot easier to find and a lot less expensive in the spring than in the winter.

14. Cut down on your transportation costs by only using a limo as your getaway car.

15. Ebay is going to be your new best friend…you can find anything on here for your wedding..a lot cheaper. Also check out thrift shops, I’ve gotten great vintage looking platters from there and used them in weddings I’ve done.

For more ideas and tips check out and a few of the following books:

theDIYbride–40+ do it yourself projects that save you money and look great

Do it for less weddings- great ideas to save you money

How to have a wedding for 5,000 and less- title basically says it all, great book.

Priceless weddings for under 5,000- again, title really says it all.

I really hope these help! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! I hope its beautiful!

Jenny asks…

Have any tips to help us plan a low budget wedding?

My fiance and I are trying to plan a low budget wedding and need help. We’re having everything outside in a friends backyard. How else can we save money? I think we’ll have friends/family help with food and flowers. Who will marry us the cheapest, justice of the peace?? Any advice is appreciated.


richmama answers:

Just do yourself a favor and hire professional photographer so that you have beautiful memories to remember this day with forever!

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