Your Questions About Household Budgets Excel

Mark asks…

What software programs, besides Excel, are available that can help me itemize & budget household expenses?

richmama answers:

Quicken and Microsoft Money

Thomas asks…

How do I make a regression output/equation using Excel?

I am given a cross section of data with data on quantity of meals served (Qd), average price per meal (Pc), average price charged by competitors (Pc), local advertising budget for each market (A) and average income per household in each market (M). How do I get the regression output and then make the regression function from the output? Any help greatly appreciated!

richmama answers:

You run the equation
Qd=a+bPc+dPcc+eA+fM, using OLS estimator. You may use SPSS, E-view, or whatever you have. I really don’t mind.

Laura asks…

I Need an Excel Formula – Please help!?

I am fairly new to Excel Formulas, and need some help. I am creating a budget for my household, and I need a formula that will add up and show me the total of all bills. If this makes any sense – I need column F29 to equal the total of F12-28. Instead of typing =F12+F13+F14+F15 and so on…in to column F29, is there an easier, shorter formula to use? Please help if you can! Thank you in advance for helping me!
I really appreciate both answers, so thank you both very much. Ryan P – I really appreciate you letting me know about the help button; you just saved me a lot of time and headache! As soon as yahoo will let me, I will pick yours as best answer! Thanks again!

richmama answers:

Step one: Go to F29 and click to type something in it.

Type this: =SUM(F12:F28)

and press enter.

That will give you the sum.

For average:


Then press enter.

You can press, depending if you got 2007, I am not sure about 2010, but it may work, press F1 for help and type what you want help on.

Hope that helps!

Lisa asks…

Anyone know of a FREE downloadable BUDGET PLANNER?

Anyone know of a FREE downloadable BUDGET PLANNER?
Can’t do microsoft, looking for a basic budget planner. Easy. Any ideas?

Looking for a personal (household) budget planner. Its hard because I dont have microsoft anything, no excel. Help?

Nothing fancy either. Just where I enter my intake and bills etc…

richmama answers:

Have a look at Ace Money Lite. I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for but hope so!
you can trust downloads from this site.

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Your Questions About Family Budget Planner

Sandra asks…

what is the best download for family budget planner?

richmama answers:

I have an excellant one I can email you. Go to and send me an email and I will send you a family budget planner and personal. They are excellant.

Betty asks…

Where can I get a complete wedding planner including tips for making budget of expenses?

I wish to have a useful guide to plan for a wedding in my family. Also I wish to make a full budget before hand. For this I wish to have useful tips and guidelines. Can someone suggest me a good site for finding this?

richmama answers:

Weddings are big occasions, that often require a lot of planning, even with budgeting to create the cheapest options. Start by setting your budget. You must know how much you can actually spend so you can plan well. Then list down all the things that you will need according to priority.

There are now some online solutions, which do just a great job. A wedding planner who specializes in creating a great wedding day celebration can be the best option. You see, the wedding planner has the contacts. They know where to look to get the best of everything, and get the best prices.

Lizzie asks…

If you wouldn’t normally consider hiring a wedding planner, would you if they work within your budget?

10% of your wedding budget sounds like a lot of money when you hear it, but would you consider the extra help for you, your family and guests if they were willing to bring down the price and work within your budget?

It’s great to have family and friends help, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the extra help so they can enjoy themselves?

richmama answers:

I am a wedding planner, florist, and our shop caters. Our shop is hired mostly because alot of brides want their Mothers, Grandmothers and other members of their families to enjoy the day with them than it being a big stress ordeal.
We also are hired by brides to keep alot of Mothers, Grandmothers and well meaning family members from taking control of their wedding.
For instance this past weekend we did a beautiful wedding for a Bride. The Mother of the Bride paid for the flowers for a wedding gift. The friday before the wedding she decided not to ware what her daughter had ask her to and she bought a dress in a salmon color. Which didnt go with any of the colors the bride had pick out. On top of this she wanted to change the Brides bouquets. To enhance “Her” dress! ( I know your mouth just hit the desktop) We wouldnt budge. No salmon color went into the bouquets even with threats of her not paying for the arrangments. Flowers were delivered as the Bride intended. Mother bought a dress the bride had ask for and the wedding went on as plan.
Nothing was ever said to the Bride about the Mothers intentions which kept everything in the family on the topic at hand and that was her daughters wedding.
Thats just part of what we do. We are the ones if your having an out door wedding you have always dream of and you have nothing but high winds and it pours rain. Were your back up plan. We are so much more than 10% of your wedding plan. We are the ones that see to it that you dont colapse but get to enjoy your day with your new husband and the new beginning of your life. We take your dream of a perfect wedding and turn it into reality. For this our Brides have rated us 5 stars. We are still a small business but an award winning business. God Bless You and Your Groom and we wish all the Brides a Beautiful Wedding Day.

Charles asks…

i need a good website that has a menu planner recipes and grocery list that has a budget section?

suitable for a family

richmama answers: – weekly menu mailer with various options (low fat, low carb, kosher, vegetarian, frugal, crockpot, etc) – absolutely fantastic!

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