Your Questions About Household Budgets Excel

Mark asks…

What software programs, besides Excel, are available that can help me itemize & budget household expenses?

richmama answers:

Quicken and Microsoft Money

Thomas asks…

How do I make a regression output/equation using Excel?

I am given a cross section of data with data on quantity of meals served (Qd), average price per meal (Pc), average price charged by competitors (Pc), local advertising budget for each market (A) and average income per household in each market (M). How do I get the regression output and then make the regression function from the output? Any help greatly appreciated!

richmama answers:

You run the equation
Qd=a+bPc+dPcc+eA+fM, using OLS estimator. You may use SPSS, E-view, or whatever you have. I really don’t mind.

Laura asks…

I Need an Excel Formula – Please help!?

I am fairly new to Excel Formulas, and need some help. I am creating a budget for my household, and I need a formula that will add up and show me the total of all bills. If this makes any sense – I need column F29 to equal the total of F12-28. Instead of typing =F12+F13+F14+F15 and so on…in to column F29, is there an easier, shorter formula to use? Please help if you can! Thank you in advance for helping me!
I really appreciate both answers, so thank you both very much. Ryan P – I really appreciate you letting me know about the help button; you just saved me a lot of time and headache! As soon as yahoo will let me, I will pick yours as best answer! Thanks again!

richmama answers:

Step one: Go to F29 and click to type something in it.

Type this: =SUM(F12:F28)

and press enter.

That will give you the sum.

For average:


Then press enter.

You can press, depending if you got 2007, I am not sure about 2010, but it may work, press F1 for help and type what you want help on.

Hope that helps!

Lisa asks…

Anyone know of a FREE downloadable BUDGET PLANNER?

Anyone know of a FREE downloadable BUDGET PLANNER?
Can’t do microsoft, looking for a basic budget planner. Easy. Any ideas?

Looking for a personal (household) budget planner. Its hard because I dont have microsoft anything, no excel. Help?

Nothing fancy either. Just where I enter my intake and bills etc…

richmama answers:

Have a look at Ace Money Lite. I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for but hope so!
you can trust downloads from this site.

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