One Hot Holiday Mama

Avoid Tacky Christmas Fashion

Avoid Tacky Christmas Fashion

Santa is almost here and as you’re getting ready to head out for that last round of holiday parties here’s how to make sure you look like a HotMama, not one of Santa’s helpers.

Makeup – just because red and green are the color of the season doesn’t mean you have to wear them on your face.  Skip the green eyeshadow and bright red lipstick and stick to your regular colors.  If you want a little extra glow try some shiny lip gloss in a slightly more festive shade, or try a little sparkly shimmer powder – just dust on your chest, collarbone, and your eyes – and we truly mean a sprinkle, not a shake.

Clothes – It depends on how formal the event is, but seldom will you need head to toe red or green.  Try neutral wool pants, a darker fitted jacket or cardigan with your holiday color – jewel tone red, green or maybe even a bit shimmery gold peeking out from below.  If it’s not a work event and you feel comfortable, a v-neck, showing a discrete bit of cleavage can totally be in order.

Accessories – No dangling tree light earrings please.  Nothing that flashes on or off or sings.  But a tree shaped brooch for your jacket, or your best glittery jewelry is ok.   Just do the mirror check – if jangle so much you’re going to scare the reindeer, take something off.

So have a very, Merry, Merry Holiday…and to get in the mood, check out my two current faves – the Christmas Album from the Glee Cast and Michael Buble Let It Snow…sure to get you into the mood.