Your Questions About Ways To Save Money On Groceries

Michael asks…

Grocery Savings Tips – Easy Ways To Save Money On Groceries?

Your favorite ways (with tips and sites) to save money on groceries and keep the household budget alive.

richmama answers:

1. Coupons, rebates and frequent shopper programs are there to save money on groceries — Use them.

2. If you’re buying grocery items in bulk, try warehouse clubs or superstores. These places offer you the best prices for non-perishable items.

3. Buy milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated for the second week. Though it’s more expensive it can save you money by not having to return to the store the second week.

4. Be a good comparison shopper. The true value of a product is the unit price and not the package price.

5. Shop early and alone. You get through the list faster and avoid the later-day crowds as well.

Lisa asks…

I need an essay the topic is explain ways to save money when buying groceries?

I need to write an essay on explaining ways to save money when buying groceries

richmama answers:

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here are some web sites to give you a start:,1663,FINE_1422_2329190,00.html

Susan asks…

With the price of groceries going up, what are your thoughts on ways to save money on groceries?

In my opinion, most all of us could save a bundle by eating out less often. What do you think?

richmama answers:

Here are a few hints…
1. Plan your menu around the sales items.
2. Use fresh fruits and vegetables in season.
3. Cut and use coupons, but be careful. Name brands can be more expensive than store brands even with a coupon. So buy the name brands on sale with a coupon.
4. Try to make more meals from scratch. For instance, it is more cost-effective to start with fresh potatoes than to buy frozen, processed potatoes. Bake brownies from a mix or scratch as opposed to buying them in the bakery section.
5. Avoid high price snack foods.
6. Usually larger packages are a better buy per ounce (pound), but be careful as that is not always true.
7. Shop at no-frills grocery warehouses.
8. Avoid eating out and when you do treat yourself, try to order from the specials.
9. Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry!!
10. Keep track of your spending habits for awhile and assess the changes you could make.
That’s just a few of our “secrets”… We feed a family of four on around $350 per month and actually could probably do even better… Best wishes!

David asks…

What are the best ways to save money on groceries?

richmama answers:

Both of the previous answers are good to do ( getting Sunday paper, clipping coupons, making a list & sticking with it ), but I’d like to add a couple more ideas for you.

1. Only grocery shop every 2 or 3 weeks – you’ll
spend less than going every week. (i.e. If your
weekly grocery bill is $130 then you’d spend
$390 shopping every week. If you only shop
once over that 3 weeks you’ll spend $320.)

2. Buy in bulk to pay less per pound on items you
can freeze or store for long periods of time. You
can break down the packages once you get home
into the size you will use the item in, then store it;
or cook up large amounts of food, then freeze the
meals to defrost later.

3. Don’t shop for food when you’re hungry or craving
a certain type of food to eat.

4. Even if you’re just running in for a few things you
need to tide you over until your big shopping trip,
use coupons & check ads.

This works for me. I cut 28% off what I used to pay for groceries by doing all these things.

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