Your Questions About Children’s Bookstore

Sharon asks…

How successful do you think a children’s bookstore would be?

The town is a medium size town…no other children’s bookstore..

richmama answers:

I would hope it would be successful. Reading is an important step in development. The one thing you would have to consider is pricing. Can you compete with the bigger chain stores? Remember the movie, “You’ve Got Mail”?

Linda asks…

How do I open my own children’s bookstore? I don’t even know where to begin!!?

richmama answers:

Entrepreneur magazine used to publish guides on how to set up different small businesses. I do not know whether they still do. I guess they would be on the Internet for a fee.

Lizzie asks…

Name for a Children’s Bookstore?

I am planning to open a Children’s Bookstore, but I am having trouble coming up with a name… These are some that I have played around with, but I’m still not sure…

Worlds of Wonder
New Worlds
Worlds of Discovery
Worlds of Adventure
Adventures in Neverland
Pixie Dust
New World Tales
Tales of Discovery
Tales of Adventure

Could you tell me if you like any of these, or if you have any other ideas? Thanks!

richmama answers:

The Reading Tree
Bean Bags Books
Book Mountain
The Story Cave

Susan asks…

Can I get books on consignment to start a bookstore?

I would like to open a children’s bookstore, but I know the cost of stocking to books will be enormous. Does anyone know of any place where you can get books on consignment?

richmama answers:

Ah ha….and when they don’t sell, will you be able to pay return shipping?…after paying rent, utilities.

You need to start thinking – write a business plan.

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