Book Review: 44 Things Parents Should Know About Healthy Cooking for Kids

Do your kids eat their vegetables.  Mine don’t.  Seems no matter how hard I try, they still run shrieking from a pea…yet have never covered their eyes in fear at a Scooby Doo movie….beats me.  But here to solve that problem is Chef Rock Harper, the Season 3 winner of “Hell’s Kitchen” and the celebrity chef for the National March of Dimes.  He has a cute – and use that word nicely, because it does have a cute, eye catching design, filled with 44 things you can do to help your kids eat better – and there’s nary a puree recipe in there.  In fact there aren’t too many recipes at all – just sound tips.  Like “Skip Commercials” i.e. fast food restaurants shouldn’t be teaching us how to eat, Get outside – make a healthy picnic, “Move you Butt!” – model healthy behavior for your kids and exercise.  Plus he takes on unhealthy school lunches.

Like I said there aren’t many recipes – which is a good thing.  Chef Rock’s point – if you’re making chocolate chip cookies with bean puree to make them healthy, your kid won’t know that in general, cookies (especially if they aren’t yours) aren’t really healthy at all.  So for all of you who are tired of another mini-me cookbook but want some common (and not so common – they’re were ones I certainly hadn’t thought of before in here) tips and tricks to create a healthier food lifestyle for you, then this is cute little book.  It’s also sassy and non-jedgemental that it makes a great little present to give to that family you think needs a little help.  The book, 44 Things Parents Should Know About Healthy Cooking For Kids is available by clicking here at