Your Questions About The Mother Daughter Book Club

William asks…

What story is about the changing of the Chinese generations, mother and Daughter?

I took a Terra Nova for this school, and in one section was a story about this lady and her family. How her mom and Pa moved to the states to get away from the Vietnam War. Well, the girl wrote a book about four old Chinese women, who had daughters. These four women survived the Vietnam War and had a little club, and their daughters found them kinda foolish(since the daughters were in a new generation). Well one of the women die and her daughter takes her place, finding out that is wasn’t really foolish, and that the group of women recieve a letter from her sisters(who she didn’t know about) in back in Vietnam.

I hope this is a good summery, thanks so much for all your answers!!


richmama answers:

I think you are talking about the joy luck club by Amy Tan. One difference from your account and this book is that the women are Chinese, not Vietnamese.

Joseph asks…

In the book Joy Luck Club, are there lessons that the mothers learn from the daughters?

i know that the mothers teach the daughters, but how about the other way around?

richmama answers:

Try these links, they should be able to assist in any question you could conceivably ask :

James asks…

I looking for a book featured on Oprahs Book Club and I’m not sure of the Title or Author !!?

It was a book that was made into a TV movie. About a mother and daughter in a small town. The daughter ends up having an affair with her teacher. I think I remember her mother cutting off all of the daughters hair.

richmama answers:

Here is a link to the exact page where you can find a list of Oprah’s Book Club selections. Just select a book from the list, and you can see a bit about each title. You may find more to read than just the one you are looking for!


Best of luck, and happy reading!

Mark asks…

In the book joy luck club by amy tan what did the daughters learn frome the mothers and vice versa?

I’m just a bit stumped…

richmama answers:

It’s by Amy Tan. . . It probably isn’t worth your time thinking about. Her only piece worth reading is a memoir called “Fish Cheeks.”

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