Your Questions About Muffin Top Bakery

Donna asks…

How do I get that moist top layer of a bakery muffin?

I bake quite a lot and I have made muffins from the box and scratch they always turn out quite nicely but I really want to be able to recreate the super moist flavorful top layer of all bakery muffins. The sticky to the touch flavorful top does anyone have any idea of how to do this?

richmama answers:

You can try glazing them right after they come out of the oven, while they’re still hot. The glaze will melt and soak in and become sticky as the muffin cools. Try mixing powdered or confectioners sugar with water, milk or orange juice, .

Carol asks…

How can I make my muffin tops hard and crusty like the bakery?

richmama answers:

Brush the tops with a mixture of heavy cream and sugar.

Jenny asks…

How can i make a blueberry muffin and have the sugar on top?

i love my blueberry muffin to have sugar on top, but every time i try it doesnt turn out like the bakery. can anybody give me some quick advice on how to accomplish this so i can make them tonight? thanks!!!!

richmama answers:

Use sugar a little butter and lemon if u have some mix it up, if it doesnt crumb add a little flour till it looks like wet sand then sprinkle on top of your muffin then bake as usual

Chris asks…

What is the most delicious part of the muffin?

My muffin top is all that
whole grain low fat
I know you want a piece of that
but I’m just here to dance
ch-checkin out my sweet hips
my sugar coated berry lips.
I know you want to get with this
but I’m just here to dance
so back up off of me
you’re weirding me out
I’m an independent lady
I run a tidy bakery
the boys all want my cake for free
but if you can’t shake your fakery
then kiss my muffin top.

richmama answers:

I prefer the flowing milk of the center after licking the lolly pop. Included on the muffin six pack.

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