Your Questions About Best Tacky Christmas Gifts

Michael asks…

What’s the best gift you ever got for Christmas?

I guess mine was a PS2 when those were big. Either that or just being with my family. Sorry if that sounds a little tacky.

richmama answers:

As a kid, some of the best were an NES, Donkey Kong Country for the SNES, various toys like He-Man, G.I. Joe or Transformers.

As I get older though, the best gift is really just being able to celebrate with family while I still can before we all drift away.

Though having a great big blizzard on Christmas would also be a nice gift. I love having a White Christmas.

Donna asks…

What is a really good gift for christmas to get for my parents?

So i am really stumped. What do parents love? They don’t need any more glasses, costers…. recipe books… i want something unique and special that they could share or not. I just need some really good ideas? So thanks. My dad doesnt wear hats so that wont work. Id like to try and keep it under 45. Unless if theyre seperate gifts. Dont say anything tacky or lame. I need some of the best ideas. !!

richmama answers:

I’m a parent and I love things my kids made themselves, no matter how ‘unprofessional’ it turned out. If you have the time and energy, get a personalized photo album and fill it with photos of them – that is my favorite idea of the moment.. Otherwise, surprise them.. Have some flowers or food (chocolates, sausage, etc..) delivered. Take them out to somewhere they used to take you (restaurant, museum, etc..) Things with memories are the best. If you don’t want to take the time to relive and document the past though, just make some new memories! I’ve put together a page on gift giving if you’d like a look at some other suggestions. There are plenty of ideas for under $45. I’ve put my site in the sources.

Sandra asks…

Is it tacky to send a picture of your boyfriend you and two children out in a few christmas cards?

Since it is all of us in the picture this year. The one that I ushally send it just the girls and frame and hand out as gifts but the youngest was having a tough time and the best picture we got was the family.

richmama answers:

No it is not tacky, as long as your girls are okay with it and your boyfriend………….

Mark asks…

Christmas gift idea using memories and photos?

I want to make my best friend something I can put together with many of our inside jokes written on it, but I can’t really think of anything. First I though of making a scrapbook with pictures on some pages and memories and inside jokes written on a page of another, but I feel like this will look tacky or a little kiddish. Any ideas?

richmama answers:

I think my all time favorite gift was a photo collage (poster size) made and framed by my daughter when she was about 16-17. She gathered photos from throughout my life then had each of her siblings and her Dad (my husband) write “something special from their heart” on a colored piece of paper. She incorporated the photos (probably near 100) and notes into the collage. I cried (happy tears) for a few hours that day. I have it proudly displayed in my home office where I still look at it often. I’m hoping she’ll make me another one someday updating my life in photos.

You could incorporate the same idea into photos of you and your friend (including other friends, trips, pets, etc.) and then write little notes with “memories”, “inside jokes”, etc. And scatter them throughout the collage.

Good Luck!

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