Your Questions About Reading Glasses

Linda asks…

Reading Glasses?

I dont have that bad of eyes where I need to get a prescription but I do use those reading glasses they sell at drugstore just to magnify the words. Is there any place where I can find fashionable reading glasses with no prescription?

richmama answers:

You can stop in an optometry story and get a PLANO frame. Plano is the lense when people go to the doctor to try them on. They will neither help nor harm your eye sight. Their sole purpose is for fashion.

Susan asks…

Reading glasses?

Is reading glasses ok for a 19 year old?

richmama answers:

They are generally not necessary for a 19 year old, but if they help you to read without straining your eyes and bring things into focus, then by all means, pick them up.

If you live in the U.S., you can buy packs of 3 or 4 for less than $20 at Sam’s Club or at CostCo.

Ken asks…

reading glasses..??!!!?

which kind of reading glasses look cute. i have black hair and eyes. my face is oval shape

richmama answers:

I have nice black and pink ones.

Robert asks…


i got some reading glasses though i dont need them i just wondered if i can see a little bit better with them on but will this damage my eyesight?
BTW the power of the glasses is +1.00

richmama answers:

Its not going to damage your vision..that is not how your eyes work. Your eyesight is more physical, so it may give you a headache but it wont “hurt your eyes”. If your having trouble reading though i suggest you go see your eye doctor so that you can get the right prescription for you….good luck


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