Simple Mom Style – Elegant Cigarette Pants

Slim Fit Cigarette Pants

Slim Fit Cigarette Pants

I was just perusing the latest copy of Lucky Magazine when I came across one of their favorite go-to fashion tips.  I think its an excellent one for moms too, because after all we moms need a reason to ditch the sweats so time – any time and dress up a bit – so here’s a HotMama fashion tip – simple black cigarette pants with flats – like ballet slippers and a top.

By definition a cigarette pant is slim fitting pant – with an opening that doesn’t flare or really taper.  They’re also kn0wn as stove pipe pants or skinnies, or even capris.  They gained popularity in the 1950s when Marilyn Monroe wore them.   Must cigarette pants have a slight taper to them. You can have full length cigarette pants or cropped ones.  Full length ones tend to take on the super skinny jeans look.  For the mom silhouette, slightly cropped and not so tight is probably better, more elegant and umm more breathable.

For the top try a crisp white shirt – can be slightly over sized for a forgiving fit.  I almost always pair buttoned shirts with  a cami or tank underneath – this way I can unbutton the top few buttons and avoid the dreaded bust gap.  But you could also pair with a cropped sweater or cardigan, perhaps a tee.

Try mixing them up with ballet flats rather than loafers.  I was just browsing at Wal-Mart and they have $8 cute ballet flats. I don’t think they’ll last long and they’re not the greatest fit – they don’t have half sizes, but on the other hand, at $8 I finally bought a pair of shoes in an animal print…grrrr!  (And if I hate them tomorrow, no worries).

Check out the picture of the cigarette pants and tell us what kind of top and shoes you’d pair it with.