Your Questions About Good Ways To Save Money On A Tight Budget

Linda asks…

I’m interested in learning to do nails. I don’t want to do it for a career, but just to do my own.?

I get tired of driving back and forth to the salon. Have of the people there aren’t professionals. Most of them are asians that were taught by the owner who is the only license person there. I could save a lot of money to do it on my own. Does anyone know any website that sell the do it yourself kit.That trains you how to do nails just like the professionals?. It also looks very fun and a good way to be creative. I am a student in college so as you can see I’m on a tight budget.

richmama answers:

My daughter taught herself by asking the sales help in the store what to use, and you can take a course at you local night tech school.


Lizzie asks…

is “store brand” frozen vegetables as good as national brands?

I have to live on a tight budget, but like to eat healthy
and always have fruits and vegetables daily.
I tend to eat frozen of both, most of the time. expect in summer
I splurge on fresh melon, peaches, nectarines ect and in winter fresh broccoli..but I know frozen are good for you too.
I find the name brands (birds eye) are good, but run into money
so I buy “best yet” or “Kroger” brand (they look colorful!) to save money, you all think the vitamin content is as good as name brand?? I steam my veggies by the way.
and I buy alot of frozen berries, black and blue and raspberrie.

richmama answers:

I have never found any Kroger brand frozen vegetables that were not good. That is what I buy. You can gets some really good deals on them. You are smart as well as thrifty. Frozen veggies have so much more nutrtional value, as canned veggies have so much cooked out of them.

Sandra asks…

What are some good deals in Panama City Beach, FL?

We are travelling to Panama City Beach later this month on a very tight budget. Things we are especially wanting to do there are the pirate cruise and Coconut Creek golf/maze. Does anyone know of a way of getting some better than average deals on these attractions? Also open to any other suggestions for money saving that you have for anything else (restaurants, etc.). We’ll definately be picking up the travel saver magazines/brochures but thought that someone real familiar to the area or ‘locals’ could give us some insider tips for even more savings. Thanks!

richmama answers:

…..We travel to PCB the 2nd week of August(most schools have started back so it is not as crowded).
Our favorite restaurants are “Montego Bay”(good choices and decent prices.) and “Pineapple Willies”(good food and moderate prices).For breakfast we like Capt.Jacks buffet good food and decent proce.Now these are a few of our favorites.
To find out more check out this web site”” If there are some specials this site may have links to specials.
Enjoy your trip.

Betty asks…

a violation for this?

Question: How can you eat delicious, fresh food at home on a tight budget?

Question Details: Everyone’s trying to save a bit of money these days but you can actually reduce your weekly food bill by buying sensibly and working out a week’s meals in advance — for example, roast chicken leftovers can easily and cheaply become a delicious risotto or a warming chicken soup with beautiful fresh stock. And if you can grow a few vegetables and herbs yourself, you’ll be saving even more money. But I want to hear your suggestions. You can read more of my suggestions in my two latest cookbooks Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook and Jamie at Home: Cook Your Way to the Good Life

Deleted Answer:

Violation Reason:Solicitation

now, forgive me if i’m wrong here, but there’s only one person trying to flog his books, surely Jamie Oliver should be the one getting the solicitation violation


i actually reported this question on those very grounds-maybe that explains the violation

richmama answers:

I told you so, that Jamie Oliver is a troll. Block him.

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