Style Tips – Fit it Right

As the HotMama works through her style transformation, I have been reviewing all the various style tips out there and trying to come up with a cohesive set of style rules to live by.  Notice how I said style not fashion. Style to me seems somewhat timeless or era-less. Fashion seems more of the moment.  In other words I would rather be known as stylish rather than fashionable.


The Right Fit is Key to Being Stylish

So here is Style Tip Number 2: Fit it Right – this means that if you wear clothes that are too big you look fat.  A large sweatshirt doesn’t camouflage, it just enlarges. If you wear clothes that are too small you look fat – like a sausage.   Look for clothes that fit – try on a size smaller and larger than your “normal” size.  If the bigger size is almost right but the normal one too tight, go for the larger size – but plan on having it tailored.   If you wear clothes that fit, you will feel comfortable and look great.  So if you find a pair of pants you love but are too long, invest in getting them hemmed.   If a jacket you buy almost fits but the sleeves are too long and the fit too boxy, take it to a tailor and have them shorten the cuffs and nip in the waistline.  in the one case, you will define your waist, instantly looking slimmer and in the other you will avoid the “I borrowed my big sister’s clothes” look.  Of course tailoring costs money, so you need to factor this into your budget.