Dress To Fix Your Issues

We all have body issues, real or imagined.  We all have some body parts that we’d like to play up – like our beautiful eyes, and some we’d like to play down, like our bellies or larger bustlines.  Here are some tips for dressing up or down your cleavage.

Tip 1:  Buy a bra that fits.  If you don’t wear one, you probably should.  Your girls have changed, especially if you’ve had a baby.  You can get fitted for a new bra at the lingerie section of any big department store – free of charge, but you’ll probably feel obligated to buy a bra or two.  A real bra fitting session will help you find your true size plus help you find different styles – like padded, push up or minimizer.

Tip 2: To make a smaller bust look bigger – This actually isn’t a problem.  Just ask any large busted woman who is relatively petite all over.  Clothes are designed for the flat chested.  So the small busted woman just needs to engage in a few small sleight of hand tricks to make the girls pop.  Start withe he right bra to push them up and give you wow cleavage. Tops with decorative flourish in front – like cascading ruffles, and shirring to give an illusion of breasts by obscuring their size.  Halter tops, off the shoulder tops and jewel and bateau necklines – like Audrey Hepburn’s classic necklines will all pump up the volume.

Tip3: To make a bigger bust look smaller – Woe to the poor big busted woman,  especially if the rest of your frame is petite.  Instead of being an asset, a large bust makes you look heavier than you are, makes it difficult to find clothes that fit and if not handled properly can send the wrong message.  So to dress a large bust up with class, stay away from boxy or double breasted jackets that will make you look like a large sailed frigate ship gliding into port. Look instead for fitted jackets with a deep v and small lapels.  Go for v-necks or sweetheart necks look great – if you’re worried about exposing too much, wear a camisole to provide some color contrast or a little more coverage. Scoop and jewel necks will make big busts appear even bigger.   Bulky knits make you look bulky so stay away.  Details like shirring should be under the bust is better than on the bust.

Beware of button shirts as they can often pull.  Wear a camisole and leave the shirt unbuttoned, or have buy your shirts a size larger and have a tailor insert darts or seams to shape it softly under your bustline.

A belted waist will make you appear top heavy so stay away. Instead for for a fitted waist with and open neckline.

Skinny pants and narrow skirts will also make you appear top heavy so go instead for full pants and those that flare becasue they will counterbalanxe larger busts.  A line or softly draped shirts and dresses are better.  And of course going for darker colors on top will visually diminish larger bustlines, especially if you wear brighter colors or patterns below.

Tip 3 – Wrap tops and dresses flatter both small and large busts because they give an illusion of a waist which creates balance.  Fabrics should caress the bust and too tight or too loose tops are not flattering.  Fabrics with a slight stretch will give you a better fit.