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Mandy asks…

How much does Columbia College Chicago cost for a low income Minnesotan?

I’m a senior in Minnesota, and my family is really low-income. The cost of the college, from what the information online says, is about $40,000 a year. I was wondering if anyone has attended Columbia as a low-income student and/or knew how much it ended up costing with grants, student aid, etc. It’s a private college and I would need to live in the dorms, as it would be exceedingly difficult to drive from Chicago to Minneapolis every day 😛 If anyone can give me some estimate on this, I’d love to know because I want to know if I should settle for a different school because of the amount of debt I’d be in by the time I graduate. Any information is appreciated, thanks 😀

richmama answers:

You’re right to be concerned about the amount of debt you’d be in when you graduate. My strong suggestion to you is that you do apply to Columbia College, but also apply to at least one public college in Minnesota. See where you get in, see what the aid ends up looking like, and then decide. But the reality is that most of the aid you’d get for Columbia, since it’s so expensive, will be loans. That’s why applying to public schools in MN is so important – not only do you get the lower, in-state rate on tuition (bargain!), but your grants and scholarships *will* go further there, and you’ll have to take out less in loans.

Another trick is to apply to some public (in MN) and private (anywhere) colleges where your SATs and GPA are high for the school. They might therefore give you some merit aid – aid based on your grades.

So apply to Columbia, as well as to publics in MN. Then also apply to some publics and privates where your GPA and SAT are high for them. This method should give you the best possible chance of getting into a school that ends up being affordable for you.

Ruth asks…

Chicago Illinois First Offense Distribution of Marijuana Laws?

So i was set up by a Narc.. Plain and simple. He was a person who kept asking me (for 2 weeks) do u got any? blah blah blah you got any yet? blah blah blah..provoking me to help him out…after a crap load of NOs i finally said f*ck it man i think i can help u (after the two weeks thinkN it was my boys guy or something) my “supplier” didnt want to serve him so i acted as what u call a “middle man.” Dude wanted an Oz and kept askN me for an Oz, (28 grams of cannibis) so when i was there to deliver to dude(thinkN he’d toss me somethin out of it because i do not sell drugs i smoke it) turned out to be a lot of narcs! (which is why i said i was set up) 7 narcs with smelly as$ alcoholic breath playing the good cop bad cop routine. impounded my car and charged my homie (who had no idea what was going on) with the same offense because he was an “accessory.” We got a Felony for distribution of ‘OVER’ 30 grams of cannibis. WHICH IS BULLSHIT!!! the law says in illinois that more than 10 less than 30 grams is considers a misdemeanor class A or something. 30 and more is considered the lowest felony. Now i know my ammounts, prices, and negotiations when it comes to weed. When im buying bud i ALWAYS know the ammount ALWAYS! Maybe not to the exact point but i know if its .5 more or less when he is charging 2.0 or two grams more. The cop wants me to become a snitch on a supplier or something like that to let me get off easy (which i think is going to be the misdemeanor, taking off the 2 grams he added on) My bond was 5,000.00 (10% 500.00). i also lost proof of what he was asking for in the text messages when he was acting as a customer. one of the other narcs took my phone and deleted his number and text messages. I found that mother f*ckers number thru my phone bill and recent calls and am in the process of recovering the texts. this is my first offense and man do i need help. I have court jan 14 2010 and i need all the help and knowledge i can get.. Please no sarcasm or negative comments i just need some opinions,facts and things like that. i know its stupid and wrong but i want to be penalized for my exact actions nothing further or more severe. Im badly in debt because of this. im at work and its the monday after xmas and this situation happened on saturday (day after xmas) So please help me out…These guys arent fair…they are just robbing me and making my life miserable.. i just wanna smoke some weed and have some fun…ive graduated h.s. and did some college. I havent been working that long (only about 4 months) but i already got employee of the month and was offered a higher position due to the satisfaction of my work. Im a good kid i really am.. I dont smoke cigarettes anymore (been off for 4 months as well) and i barely drink. Im 21 years old and live near the northside of chicago (60630) help me out if u can…ill appreciate it…THANKS in advance..seriously

richmama answers:

You need a lawyer BAD, if this is your first offense you have a great chance at proving entrapment. Without priors they can’t discount the fact that you don’t sell large quantities like an ounce. If you say you only normally sell half grams or grams, since the narc asked repeatedly for a quantity you normally don’t sell, this is textbook entrapment.

I would lawyer up so fast and do some research on entrapment with regard to drugs. Your defense is that you don’t sell ounces and you were entrapped into being the middleman and getting an amount you normally would not possess.

If you do enough research, you may be able to prove entrapment without a lawyer, I wouldn’t recommend this though.

This scenario is the definition of entrapment.

Since you’re facing a felony charge, you’re eligible for a public defender. Consult with one if you don’t have the money, be sure to spell out the entrapment elements for them, lastly accept no plea bargains that a public defender offers you.

Nancy asks…

Are Democrats also becoming sick of Obama’s ‘Chicago style’ politics?

We all know that Obama has won every election by underhanded means.

Illinois State Senate:
Obama got his opponent disqualified on a technicality- a favorite of Chicago Machine politicians. The Chicago machine made sure that Illinois has several conflicting election rules. They get one of their crooked judges to hold up someone’s candidacy until the election is over when they are exonerated- a bit too late! Obama was trailing in the polls at the time.

U.S. Senate:
Obama won by smearing his opponent. Obama got another crooked Chicago Machine judge to unseal Jack Ryan’s sealed divorce records- then exploited his wife’s (actress Jeri Ryan) claims of deviant sexual practices. Obama was trailing at the time.

Obama saw that Sarah Palin was an instant game-changer, and dispatched 1,500 smear artists to Alaska starting the day after she was announced as V.P. candidate. He (along with the duplicitous liberal-biased media) wasn’t going to take any chances with his coronation. The lies and smears against Palin and family will likely go down as the low point of American political history.

Now America faces it’s worst crisis in decades- runaway debt!
Obama himself acknowledged the problem a couple of months ago.
He said that the crisis is so important to solve, that no partisan attacks should take place and we all have to work together to solve it.
Then Obama turns around last week and launches the most vile partisan attack against the GOP and the Ryan plan in particular- all but accusing the GOP of wanting to starve Grandma to death!
In typical Chicago style, Obama made sure Paul Ryan was sitting in the front row with no forum to answer, as Obama launched these vile attacks. It was nothing more than petty payback against Ryan because Ryan made Obama look uninformed and stupid during the Obamacare debate.

Are these petty, lack of leadership tactics what America wants to see during these very troubling times? I think not. I’ve been following Presidential politics since LBJ, and I haven’t seen behavior as slimy and shameful as what Obama engages in.

I know that there is a small segment of morally bankrupt Alinsky-ites who have an “ends justifies the means” attitude, and don’t care what Obama does as long as they get what they want- but the other 85% of Americans must be as appalled as I am, right?

Your thoughts?

richmama answers:

Hardly any of this is true. And what is true is SOP for politics.

Charles asks…

What kind of rate will we get on our loan (mortgage)?

This July we are closing on our condo. The condo is located in Chicago and we bought it for $370k. We make a little over $70k together a year. We pay our cc bills each month and in whole. We are putting more than 20% down to avoid PMI and to give us some equity if we choose in the future to buy more property once our salary increases. We will probably put down ~$90k. The only real debt we have is my $19k in student loans, which will go into deferment because I am back in school. We were preapproved for $250 or 280K (I am not able to locate the document at the moment) but had lower credit scores, a tab bit lower income and did not have as much saved up for a downpayment a year ago when it was done.

1 – What kind of interest rate could we expect?
2 – Do you think banks will offer better rates than a mortgage broker?
3 – When should we apply for a loan?

*Not bad for 2 – 25yr olds huh?
02/2006 Fico scores
EQ / EX / TU
Mine – 784 / 778/ 777
His – 771 / 780 / 781
Correction – Value of condo should be $360k. It should not be $370k. So we’re looking at a loan of ~$270k. Sorry about that!

richmama answers:

1- You are looking at a rate of 6.25% in IL. I ran it through Provident Funding as a 30yr fixed, full doc, 80% LTV/CLTV, second home, $288,000 loan amount, with a 21 day lock period. This assumes all the information you supplied is accurate, and that your DTI (debt to income) does not go above 50%.

That is a rate that the mortgage company would be ok with selling you. If you are being quoted higher than that, then feel free to talk to me and I will let you know if you are getting a fair deal or not.

2- Your Mortgage company can usually get you at least as good of rates as your local bank, unles you typically carry a very high ballance with them. You would be surprised … You Mortgage Company is propbably signed up with your bank to do loan through their wholesale side, as opposed to your retail rates they would offer you direct.

3- When a good time to go through with it is completely up to you. If you are in a situation where you can offord it, and are comfortable with it, then do it now. No one can make that decision but you.

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