Your Questions About How To Budget A Household Online

Carol asks…

Quicken, how does one “jump in” and learn how to use it for the first time ?

I am good with numbers and have done simple budgets for my household over the years, I’m in my 50’s, but I have Quicken 2007 Business and home and I’m thinking I don’t want to transport my banking info online. Can I do quicken manually and is the dummie book for it good ? I bought it cheaper without a printed out manual. HElp ? I just want to start small and I’m on a fixed income so it should be easy to start ?

richmama answers:

You do not have to use the online banking to use Quicken. You can enter all the information yourself and then it will only be on your computer’s hard drive, not out on any other website on the Internet.

I would start by creating a checking account. On my Quicken 2006 Deluxe, you can do that by clicking Cash Flow, then Cash Flow Accounts, then Add Account. As I recall, it asks you for a little information and the date and amount you want to start the account with. Then you can start entering transactions. After you get comfortable with that, you can try some other things.

There is help in the program itself that you can use if you need to. Just click on the “Help” link at the top. I haven’t used the “Dummies” book, but I’ve generally heard good things about that whole series.

James asks…

What is the best way to conduct an online survey?


I’m doing some independent research. I would like to create my own survey in order to find out eating preferences for Americans in the area of Asian cuisine.

Sample Question:

What is your preference in Asian Cuisine?

a. Japanese
b. Thai
c. Vietnamese
d. Chinese
e. Other

I would also like to data about the people who take the survey also. In other words, key demographic information, such as income, disposable incomes, number in household, etc.

I don’t want to purchase these reports online because some of the questions I’d like to ask are very specific for a product I am planning on selling.

How can I conduct this type of survey on a very modest budget?

What resources are at my disposal?



richmama answers:

I’ve heard that is really good.

Richard asks…

How to get rid of ants in household?

I haven’t seen a big line of group of them yet. I just see one or two at a time on the couch, or on the kitchen counter, crawling on my bed sheets, and this is gross but I was laying in my bed on laptop and one was IN MY HAIR!! I feel so grossed out, like my home is unsanitary and like I haven’t been keeping it clean enough. Are ants a normal thing to have from time to time? Anywho, I’m on a budget and don’t want to call any kind of professional pest control people. Oh yeah, and I’ve been using Ant Raid for the past 3 days but these ants just keep popping up at random still! But what is a sure way to kill them ALL (where ever they are)? I’ve looked up some things online and I’ve only come across using Ant Raid. Tried that and failed. Although I have one person mention something about cinnamon..?

richmama answers:

The ants you are seeing inside foraging around is only a small percentage of the over all colony so stuff like cinananananimmm that repels them from where you place it and your raid spray which will only kill a few of the over all problem. It all depends on what type of ant you are dealing with…dozens of species around the country that can be a pest…the best generic solution is the over the counter baits like the other poster mentioned, but gave the wrong name…Terro is a sweet based bait and if you feel they are feeding on meats, grease, peanut butter, pet food you may go with a brand called Combat. Avoid using the raid around the baits, you want the ants to feed on the bait and take it back to the nest to kill out the colony… If your problem colony is a few thousand ant it may take a couple of weeks..if your nest is a few hundred thousand strong it will take more time.

Thomas asks…

im so misreable in my own home right now….?

i wish i could just die ! back in november i opened up my home to someone who needed some help with the understanding it would only be for three months. well it hasnt gone well due to his lack of hygiene and not fullfilling the agreement on what is to be paid. so i gave him until the 16th of this month to be out, i dont give a rats you know what if he doesnt have anywere to go i just want him out.
he has ordered movies he was to reimburse me for and hasnt, he was to contribute to food, which he hasnt and now i check my cable bill online and see 411 has been called a few times. to add to this i was recently laid off from work so this household is on a tight budget . im trying to keep my cool since it will only be 4 more days till he gets out , and i mean he will be getting out, but its so hard i feel like im going to explode. it really erks me that he took advantage of my kindness and even added to my financial burden by ordering movies.
someone please help me on how to keep my cool as im about to lose my mind and im so depressed !!!

richmama answers:

I would ask upfront for the money he owes you for the movies and the 411 calls.As far as the food don’t buy for him and let him take care of his own.Let him know you were laid off and need him to pay for his part.People are so narrow minded when they don’t help pay for themselves when they are living with someone else. Let this be a lesson well learned

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