Your Questions About Family Budget Software

Steven asks…

a good personal finance/family budget software??

Can anyone recommend a budgeting software/family finance program that is easy to use and that they like very much? Whatever is recommended I will see if I can download it for free on Thanks!
Wow thank you Greeter, I never thought I needed a budget. That concept was totally foreign to me. (rolling eyes) My finances is a more little complex than just “Income less expenditures = whats left over.” However, thank you for your useless and insulting comment.

richmama answers:

Quicken is the best. You can find it at or any store that sells software. But it is not free.

Mary asks…

What is the best free budget software for a new family?

Me and My husband just married and need some help creating a budget!!

richmama answers:

You guys are on the right track for sure. But I haven’t found any good software for a family budget. Everything is either too little or too much for me. So what I did was get a free Excel spreadsheet budget and modified it to suit me. It is very simple but If you email me I will share it with you. It’s half a page but you could modify it to add or delete items.

Please get Dave Ramsey’s book The Total Money Makeover and read it. It is written for people in debt, but it changed how I look at money. Also, he is live on radio every day.

Good Luck

George asks…

Can any one tell which is the best family budget maintaince software i shousld accept by doble click .?

richmama answers:

Not quite sure on the question, but if you mean to keep your PC from clutter, a good FREE programme to use is CCleaner

Daniel asks…

Have you used YNAB (You Need a Budget) software?

If you have… How do you like it? How long have you used it? Do you recommend it? Where did you get it? It lists for $49.95. Did you find it cheaper than that?

My family needs to budget our home finances. I have read that this is a good software for doing so.

richmama answers:

When I was looking for budget software I tried the free version of YNAB and I didn’t really like it. We use Calendar budget, and I like it because things are laid out on a calendar so you can track your expenses in advance.

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