Your Questions About Tacky Christmas Tree Lights

Mark asks…

And all those dopey, twinkling Christmas lights are no better!?

I can remember a time when people settled for putting lights on their Christmas trees. But not any more – oh noooo, that would be far too dignified.

Nowadays they just have to attach tacky lights to just about everything that can bear the weight. And the bigger and brighter the lights the better. It’s like living in some grungy bleedin’ amusement arcade round here lately, what with those ghastly blue things hanging off of the gutters and glittering Santas and sleighs everywhere. Even the drug pedallers are complaining cos there are no shaddows to lurk in any more.

So can I complain about these Christmas lights on health and safety grounds and get the people who put them up arrested, beaten and locked up for 25 years a piece?

Surely it’s an epilepsy risk or something? And I could end up twinkle blind or something if I forget to go out at night without my sun glasses on.

Damned Christmas chicanery…

richmama answers:

Lol! I agree. You should see my neighborhood. Some people down the street have an inflateable carousel that has elves ponies on the inside, it lights up, AND it actually rotates. Christmas decor drives me batshit.

Sharon asks…

Doesn`t Christmas does annoy you?

Now before all you chuchies go getting your knickers in a twist. I am talking about the relentless commercialiastion of Christmas. The fact that people are no longer looking for just a simple gift, christmas cards seem to have develop a life of their own now, my own personal hate is that my street seems to be having a Christmas tree war, who has the biggest, brightest, the one with most decorations. Go round to my parents and there are houses covered in lights. Ouch, it is all so tacky nowadays, does anyone remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas?

richmama answers:

To a certain extent.
But you know what REALLY annoys me?
The grammar of your question line.

William asks…

would it look taky if i wear to put multi colered ights on the tree and bushes in the front yard?

the house has white light with green and red flood lights with a 11 foot inflatabe deceration and minature spiral metal trees with multi colered lights on the branches metal spiral and white lights on the star i dont know if this is importnt but also on of those GE sounds and lights of Christmas thanks for the hep we havent put them up yet so you can warn us uf any mistakes that make it look tacky

richmama answers:

I think it would look nice. I like multi colored lights… Not enough people use them in my opinion.

Carol asks…

Spiritually speaking, what’s the best snarky response?

I have a nice (OK, tacky) light display on my house right now, but I need a good response in case someone bugs me about not having a babby Jesus included. I have some white lights, some tinsel and some animals in front of a spiral tree. I’ll add more this weekend. How can I get people to understand that to me Christmas is just an excuse for tacky lights, delicious cookies and bad gifts?

richmama answers:

Tell them the Jesus decoration got crucified last Easter, and it has yet to be resurrected..

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