Your Questions About Sharing Meals Disney

Linda asks…

will disney resturants mind you ordering 1 meal and sharing it with my 9 year old daughter?

ive had stomach surgery this year and now i dont eat a lot i wonderd if the restuarants would mind me just getting 1 meal and sharing it with my daughter we are off to walt disney world in october so far ive lost 5 stone since feb, but i just cant eat the size meals you get or would i offend any body.

richmama answers:

I would! It’s too expensive to order food you’re not gonna eat.

Carol asks…

has anyone out there used disney world dining plan kids points for adults?

I am thinking about adding the dining plan to our trip to Walt Disney World, and I think we will end up with leftover “kids points” because the kids really don’t eat much and could share meals pretty often… so i was wondering if the adults in our party would be able to get away with using them… I know that the official Disney answer is “no” but was wondering if anyone else had been in this dilema
hope this makes a little sense

richmama answers:

I wouldn’t try when it comes to buffet or family style restaurants. As someone who has used this plan and worked for Disney, Cast Members are very observant and will apply the rules of the dining plan. Sharing meals amongst the kids is frowned upon as well…kind of like when restaurants have a buffet and they don’t allow you to share your plate with someone else. When it comes to counter service restaurants, you can use whatever credits you’d like. No one will know, or care if your 30-year old brother Bob is eating 6-year old Katie’s chicken strips. You can use your snack points of course, for whomever you’d like.

Sharon asks…

I am planning a trip to disney and universal studios next week and I was wondering how could I cut cost ??

I am planning a trip to disney next week and I am trying to cut cost on tickets and also meals. Someone said to do a time share or two and go online to get the meal tickets. Please help if you have been there and know a few tricks. Also I have a three year old should I say that she is two to get her in the park for free??????Need advice fast!!!!!!!!!!!

richmama answers:

You really need to watch with the time shares. You need to meet minimum income requirements to even qualify for the free tickets. Also, it’s going to waste a half day of your vacation. If you decide to do it, read the fine print first and know what you are getting in for. Some of them will have you agreeing to let them sell your info. Personally, I would not do the time shares. If you want more info on them, do a search on for timeshare and read personal stories from people who’ve done them. You’ll find a lot of nightmare stories!

As far as lying about your daughter’s age to save money, I always discourage people from doing that. Do you really want to lie in front of your daughter in order to save a bit of money? What are you going to do if they ask her how old she is – instruct her to lie? It’s just a bad idea and completely dishonest to all the other parents of three year olds who paid for their children to get in.

If you want to save money, I suggest trying to save money on food and drinks. If you bring in your own refillable water bottle, you will save quite a bit over purchasing drinks every day. Also bring in your own snacks. That will save a lot, not to mention it will be harder to find something suitable for a two year old to snack on. If you can, eat breakfast in your hotel room instead of in the theme parks. If you have a mini fridge you can get some cereal and milk for breakfast.

Michael asks…

Disney World Meal plan Advice?

We are leaving for our first family vacation to Disney in Florida, in two weeks. This will be my daughters first trip and we got the dinning plan all set up. But I’m worried that two big meals and a snack aday may not be enough food with all the walking you do there. Has anyone survived on te basic meal plan and lived to tell about it? 🙂 Please Share.

richmama answers:

Trust me, you will not go hungry with the meal plan. You in fact most likely won’t use all your snack credits and will end up on your last day using them for snacks in the gift shop for on the way home. The counter service and sit down meals offer a lot more than one might think. Besides, you will be so busy in the parks that time will fly and food won’t be the first thing on your mind.

We went in May and were so stuffed just with the counter meals at lunch we ate dinner later at night or if we used a table for lunch we ate later for a counter. Disney doesn’t skimp on the food and with snacks use them for something special such as a pineapple float at the MK or an almond pretzel at Epcot or a piece of fruit at MK.

But trust me, by the end of the trip, we were almost tired of eating and if we hadn’t already paid for the meal plan we would have skipped out.

Trust me, you will be fine. We had a local grocery store deliver milk, juice, cokes, water, fruit and pastries to our room and so we had a quick breakfast in the room and used the meals inside the park.

Let me recommend OHana at the Poly for a nice evening out or lunch at Cinderella’s castle. The buffets are nice as well such as Boma for a nice change. For counter I really like the cantina in Mexico or Cosmic Rays for a good variety at MK. Also at MK there is a great fish place that most people don’t know about called Columbia Harbor house close to the Haunted Mansion.

I hope that you have a great trip and don’t worry about the meal plan. Just enjoy yourself and your daughter and plan mid day lunches and a little later for dinner so you can enjoy the parks more during the day.

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