Gender Selection – Conceiving A Baby Girl

Like so many hopeful parents before you, you’ve hopped on the “conceiving a girl” wagon. So you say you’d be glad as long as the baby’s healthy, but admit it: deep down, you’re longing for a girl.

You’re not unaccompanied . Couples have been trying for hundreds of years to increase their chances of conceiving a baby girl. Old wives’ tales have encouraged everything from fish and vegetables to having intercourse during a full moon.  Whether or not these methods actually work to girl has never been determined, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from trying.

     These days, technology has made it much easier for parents to pick their child’s gender, with the help of artificial insemination and In-Vitro Fertilization.

         Others opt to go the adoption route, completely guaranteeing them their preferred gender. Those without the cash to design their own babies, however, have the option to employ at-home gender selection.

There are a variety of methods out there for conceiving a girl, including: timing your ovulation (having intercourse 2.5 to 3 days before ovulation increases the chance of conceiving a girl), says Dr. Shettles of The Shettles Method), charting cervical mucus and Basal Body Temperature and employing certain positions during intercourse.  To create a more “girl-friendly” passage,  Mom should avoid having an orgasm .
    The process of conceiving baby girl is a complex dance of luck. Of the 200-400 million sperm released into a woman, only one will make it into her fertile egg (kind of like the “American Idol” of conception). Each egg in Mom’s body carries an X chromosome, while each of Dad’s sperm has either an X-chromosome (female) or Y-chromosome (male).

To conceive a girl, a sperm with a X-chromosome needs to make it to Mama’s egg first. One way to get those slower “girls” moving us with an herbal supplement; Dad is also encouraged to take a hot bath before intercourse to “warm up” the girly sperm (they can tolerate higher temperatures, unlike their male counterparts). To improve your odds even more, many people turn to the Chinese Lunar Birth Calendar, which can foresee a baby’s gender based on the mother’s age and the month in which she conceives.
The good news about trying to conceive a girl is that while male sperm are faster swimmers, according to Dr. Shettles, X-chromes are hardier biologically. So, while you can never have complete control over the outcome, it certainly won’t hurt to try a few tricks and give your girl the best shot she can get.

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