Your Questions About Mother-daughter Bonding

William asks…

How do I tell my Mother I have a Boyfriend?

We don’t really have a Mother-Daughter bond. It’s awkward to talk to her about anything >_<
I really want to tell her about my boyfriend though, before she finds out from someone else.
Any tips?

richmama answers:

“Hey mom, I have a boyfriend”

The end

Charles asks…

Strongest bond? Mother & daughter or Sister & Sister?

richmama answers:

The biological bond between mother and child is the strongest bond among humans. If it is a negative relationship it is all the more hurtful because of the connection no one wants to deny. If at all possible it is very important to work through any issues with a mother because of the importance to the relationship.

If you would like to speak with one of our counselors toll free 24 hours a day you can reach us at the Boys Town National Hotline. (1-800-448-3000).

Counselor GW

Maria asks…

Moms of “all boys,” do you ever miss having a daughter?

Do you ever wish you had at least one girl? How are things different, never having a mother/daughter bond?

richmama answers:

I have 2 boys and we are TTC # 3. I do hope the next baby is a girl because I do want that bond with a daughter and I look forward to passing down my Barbies and stuff. But if I am blessed with another boy; I’ll just have to spoil my 3 nieces! LoL.

Sharon asks…

Why don’t I have the normal Mother/Daughter relationship?

Im 14, I’ve NEVER felt like I could talk to my mum or anything, even though I know she loves me very much. Now it’s come to the point where I can hardly stand being touched by her. I do love her, but I find it difficult to show it, and I know it hurts her sometimes. Is there anything you could suggest that could bring us closer, and why I don’t have that special bond with her?

richmama answers:

You need to start doing things together, something your both interested with like watching movies or dinning out. You can’t accomplish it in just one day but you need to start now and little by little the wall that separates you will one day disappear.

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