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Ruth asks…

old kids books?

I love reading old books. I am in middle school and really like old kids books (not picture, chapter). Are there any good ones that came out in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or 70’s that i can get at my LIBRARY or that are easy to obtain.
P.s I am not much of a fan of science fic.
I’ve read many classics. I am not interested in classics, I was hoping to find kids/young teen chapter books that came out back when
I’ve read newberries, i just was hoping to find some plain ole chapter books read above detail
I’ve read
“run far, run fast” by
“gone-away lake”
“the house of thirty cats”
“brighty of the grand canyon”
among others, i was just looking for fiction stuff

richmama answers:

I love the old ones too.

I would suggest Noel Streatfeild; she wrote “Ballet Shoes”, “Skating Shoes”; and “The Painted Garden”:

A huge favourite of mine is Elizabeth Goudge, who wrote “The Little White Horse” (a favourite also of J K Rowling) and “Linnets and Valerians”.

One of my much-loved fantasy books is “Red Moon, Black Mountain” by Joy Chant:

You could also try Susan Cooper’s “The Dark is Rising” sequence, and some of her other books which are very imaginative.

You may have to order them at the library, but they’re well worth reading!

Charles asks…

What are those kid picture books called where you get to decide what happens next and you just flip there?

What are those kid picture books called where you get to decide what happens next and you just flip there?
What are those kid picture books called where you get to decide what happens next and you just flip there?
you just flip 2 the page? and i kno theres a series of chapter books like that that are white and red i think but im looking for these other ones that have color in them and lots of pictures, and some reading too. im not sure what there called its series though.
8 minutes ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
i dont think i gave a very clear explanation but for example the first page you read and say…it said “Joel is going on an adventure. Where should he go?”
pg. 48 (forest)
7 minutes ago

and the mountains pg 23… so then you flip to those pages…read a little bit then do that again and it isnt a book that you just keep flipping page after page you pick what happens out of too choices… and rember there kids books just to remind you….and there a series
6 minutes ago

no there not choose your own adnventure there not some much like chapter books more like pictures

richmama answers:

Probably a choose your own adventure for kids. It doesn’t have to be a chapter book for it to be a CYOA

Betty asks…

Do you like to read books in digital format?

Personally, I have never tried it but can’t stand the thought of it. I have to stare at a computer screen 50% of the day anyways, and it strains my eyes. I love to curl up on the couch or in bed with a great book and turn the pages. I don’t see how reading books on a screen can replace the experience of reading a book and turning the pages. The novelty of it does not intrigue me at all. Digital this, digital that. Its overkill in my opinion. What about children’s books, picture books, etc. Do they want kids to read from a damn screen? Reading books is one of my favorite past times. I just read how Borders is in trouble financially. If you ask me, digital format isn’t killing bookstores, the PRICES are killing bookstores. I admit I buy my books used or even new on Amazon because the prices are cheaper and much more reasonable then paying full price at a book store. What do you think? How do you like to read?

richmama answers:

I have two Sony Readers which I love. I read a lot at night while working and sometimes in low light too so I have light covers on them and as I am able to make the font of the books larger its actually easier on the eyes.

I am not sure I could read as long or as much on my laptop screen, as I do with my Sonys.

Edit: I still love my real books too and have over 800 to read in my library.

Mandy asks…

Old historical kids picture books with cassette tapes.?

Growing up (Im 23 now) I had a whole set of large (like 11×14) white books, each book was a story about some historical figure….I remember Francis Scott Key, J. C. Penney, George Washington, and not many others….but each one was a story of that person. They were pretty thin books, each had large cartoon-y illustrations of the story, and the last ‘book’ in the set was a cassette tape holder with a cassette corresponding to each book. I’d pop in a tape and read along with it. The print on the books were bright colors, red, or orange, purple, all the colors of the rainbow, one for each book. So like the frances scott key one was green…(I think) Anyone know what these were called, where I can find a set, or where to even begin searching? thanks so much!

richmama answers:

I had to laugh at the term historical. As a mother who bought those for her children, what then would that make me!!! But I would guess Ebay would have them. I think the libraries still have them around as not everyone has switched to DVDs yet.

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