Your Questions About Family Dinner Project

Daniel asks…

Who eats dinner together as a family? This is for a class project.?

Please list sex and age. How often? What type of family?

richmama answers:

I eat dinner with my boys ages 12&10 every week nite I’m 38, husband comes home too late for the kids to wait cause they get hungry! On weekends we all eat together all 3 meals

Susan asks…

What should I make for family studies project?

I have to make a “balanced meal” for my family. It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Not some easy pasta thing because almost everybody in my class is doing that. Something fast and hard to mess up because there’s going to be family feedback about how clean and how long and stuff. Thanks in advance!

richmama answers:

Just a few ideas:

for dinner, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots with an orange or pineapple sauce on top or plain, with brown rice & tofu or chicken (marinated & cooked in the sauce) You can marinate it overnight in the fridge, so it wouldn’t take long to prepare.)

for lunch, maybe falafel or hummus in pita pockets with raw vegetable sticks and/or fresh fruit on the side

breakfast, maybe a fruit smoothie with whole grain toast covered in peanut butter or a bowl of healthy cereal

a taco salad for lunch or dinner

Sandra asks…

Family meal vs. interesting science project- which is more important?

Please help me with this issue that has been troubling me a great deal.

Family dinner is important here. It is the only time when we can all sit down at the table together; that is, my SO, my two sons, and myself. It’s a sacred time that we all value quite a bit.

However, my six-year old and I have launched a moth and butterfly hatching project. Right now, we have four 10-gallon aquariums occupying our dinner table. It is a pain in the butt to move them every night, and they are quite heavy (filled with dirt). Finally, I do not like disturbing the delicate chrysalises and cocoons inside.

We live in a small, cramped apartment and there is nowhere else to put the aquariums. For the past week, we’ve been eating meals on the floor in the family room.

I keep telling myself that this is only temporary, as most of the moths will hatch within a month or two. But, I can’t help but feel guilty about sacrificing our family dinner at the table together. We do still eat as a family, but we are scattered about the room.

Your thoughts?

richmama answers:

For us, we’ve found that we have closer, more bonding and quality meals if we eat on the floor in the living room. There’s something about the table that seems to keep the focus on the meal and the food rather than on talking and enjoying our time together. Of course we talk and enjoy ourselves, but it isn’t the same as if we are sitting in the living room.

Since part of your guilt might me the importance that you have placed on the kitchen table, you can try to simulate a table in your family room. Instead of being scattered about the room throw a quilt down in the middle of the floor and picnic. Set the quilt like you would the table, maybe lay down some throw pillows where you want people to sit, and enjoy your on the floor table.

The importance of family dinners is what they accomplish, now how they are done. As long as you are bringing your family together, having everyone show some interest in each other’s lives, talking, enjoying your time, and bonding, that is what is important.

Sandy asks…

Menu ideas for a cooking project for a 7th grader to prepare for family?

Hi I have to plan a meal (lunch or dinner) and prepare t for my family. It should consist of dishes that i have not made before. It has to have at least one serving from each group in the food guide pyramid for each person. It can be any food, no sandwhiches or quick meals (easy-mac, handburger helper ect.)

Please help me?

Just give me ideas please 🙂

Stuff that is unusual but yummy, please?

richmama answers:

My standard is hamburger, mac+cheese or mashed potato, and mixed veggies.

Another i like is pasta.
Sauce is sausage/hamburger, (about 1 lb) tomato pieces (2 large cans) and frozen mixed veggies.
Personally, i like small shells – they’re just easier, and you don’t get as much on your shirt.

I also like fish.
Catfish sauteed with sugar and lemon juice.
Rice and veggies.
I pour the extra lemon+sugar over the rice.

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