Help Your Child Do Better in School

Can you hep your children do better in school – or is succeeding in school really up to your kids?  At the end of the day, your kids need to learn how to do well in school on their own – after all, it’s an essential skill they will need once they get to college.

There is much you can do as a parent to help you kids do better in school.  Here are some tips – you don’t have to use all of them, even applying  one or two will help you help your child.

For younger kids, one of the best things you can do for your kids is to read to them on a regular basis, preferably daily.  Replace a thirty minute cartoon with some reading time. Reading to your kids has many benefits, including getting them comfortable with letters.  If you point out words and help them sound them out, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they pick up reading on their own.

Of course – you should set a good example – turn off the TV yourself and read yourself – whether you’re reading fiction or non-fiction, you;ll be showing your kids that reading is a valued activity and they’ll be a step ahead of the other kids.

For older kids who have homework, spend the time with your kids to go over it and make sure they understand it – and are doing it correctly.  Making doing homework an important of the evening – set aside a place or time to get it done – don’t rush it in the car or in between other activities.  for younger kids, having them do it in a central place, like the kitchen, will make it easier for you to supervise – consider creating a portable “desk” of homework supplies like pencils, pens, markers, glue and scissors.

At any age it’s important to develop a strong relationship with your child to help them do better in school.  Make sure you make the parent teacher conferences and follow up with them if anything is unclear.  If you can, see if you can volunteer at school or in the classroom so you can get to know the teacher better – they’ll be more likely to tell if your child is struggling.

Another great way to help children do better in school is eating together as a family.  Eating together helps kids have better eating habits overall, higher self esteem and larger vocabularies and prevent drug and alcohol use.  Woo hoo to the family dinner.

For kids of any age, make sure that they are getting enough sleep. Set a regular bedtime – even for tweens and teenagers and stick to it – and hey this also means you RichMama – lack of sleep is a national epidemic and can cause stress, weight gain and irritability.  So hit the hay!

And finally – one more great thing you can do to help your kids succeed in school – pay attention and talk.  Ask them about their day.  Probe beyond the shrug and “nothing” answers.  Pay attention for any sudden changes in their behavior or grades – it could mean something is wrong – even something like bullying or bad peer pressure.

Helping your kids do better in school doesn’t have to be difficult or require you to be all over your kids all of the time – just make sure that they know you think school – and getting good grades is important and they will follow the example you set – especially if you start young.