Your Questions About How To Clean House Faster

Maria asks…

how can i get faster in home?

I am so slow in cleaning and you know those works around the house.I am fast walker and fast in problem solving ..
but in home it takes me hours cleaning house and washing dishes.
gloves make me slower so i do with my bare can imagin how does my hands look like.
i wish i was faster
i know that i am perfectionist and obsessive but that is the thing that i am and noway out of it.
i just wanted to learn how can i be faster.
not be slow housekeeper

richmama answers:

First remove all the clutter. Carry a trash bag with you anything you have to think about put in a box or drawer so that you can just get on with it. Start in one room and work from top to bottom. Dust first vaccuum last. Finish one room before you move onto the next. Carry cleaning supplies in a tote or bucket so that you don’t have to start and stop to go get them. Also set a time limit to get it all done. To keep up with it do a 15 minute power clean every day and race through just to keep up the appearance. If you have a spouse or kids or a roommate and both of you move quickly for 15 or 30 minutes then it’s like one person doing 30 minutes to an hour of work.

Michael asks…

How do i clean gutters faster?

i have to clean my houses gutters today…. any suggestions on how to clean them faster?

richmama answers:

If you have a leaf blower, haul that puppy up to the roof strapped on your back and blow the leaves right out of the gutters.

Carol asks…

My house is a mess, tips to clean faster?

i need to:
wash dishes
clean the living room
organize my wardrobe (i hate taking care of clothes and organizing stuff!)

i’m so lazy! how do you do housekeeping? (in a fast a less boring way?)
ty 😛
unfortunately i do not have a dishwasher
(yeah, it would make it much easier!)

richmama answers:

Invite someone over you like or has a good impression of you

it always motivates me to clean

Susan asks…

Clean freak house wives… how do you do it!?

I’m 21 and my boyfriend is 25. We’ve been together for two years and live together in a cute little house. Our relationship is great, and we’re getting married in 2010 or 2011 [[depending on finances]]. We both work full time, and we have an indoor pet.

However, our house always seems to get messy… faster than it should, I think. I don’t think we are messy people, but our house is just “cluttery.” I don’t like it. I hate having to spend hours cleaning up before company comes, and even if we aren’t expecting company we still spend hours and hours every week just CLEANING. But it seems like it can just get back to the the messy clutter in no time at all.

I can blame some of this on the small design of our 1960’s-built home we are renting, that has significantly less storage space than other homes. And we can’t buy furniture because the house came furnished… we have no room for new furniture right now. We’re hopefully buying a home this summer, but for now we are here and I need to make it work.

I want to be like the working housewives who always seem to have a clean house all the time. I’m not expecting “perfection” from myself. But I really admire all of you tidy women who just seem to always keep it together. I want to be a good house wife to my future husband, and good role model to my kids one day. I want to be able to open the door an invite someone in without being embarrassed if someone stops by unexpectedly.

Do you have any tips for me? Thanks so much.
P.S. – I don’t want you think our house is like one of those you see on TV where it’s just ridiculous. And we aren’t pack rats either. We just want to be a little neater.

richmama answers:

Make sure everything has a home and that things are put away rather than tossed down. Decide where things belong and put them there. It takes less time to do that than have to face a pile or piles later. I don’t allow anything on furniture that doesn’t belong there. I have a box on the wall inside the door that handles keys and ingoing and outgoing mail and stamps. No clothes on the floor or tossed onto furniture at any time. I clean something every day whether it’s dusting a room or rooms, vacuuming, sweeping, or cleaning bathrooms. I do the laundry twice a week (there are only two of us) and put it away immediately. I am definitely neatnik but anyone can come to my house unannounced and I wouldn’t be embarrassed. It’s all about setting a routine and following it. Clutter can only happen if you let it. Start now to maintain it and when you have kids you will be happier for it.

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