Shout out to White House Black Market

The HotMama recently decided to go shopping.  This was a big step for me, since well, having just given birth to number 3 three short months ago, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to shed all of the post pregnancy weight.  But I was tired of wearing my maternity pants and shapeless yoga pants.  So having slimmed down just enough to justify a little shopping splurge, off I headed to local semi luxury outdoor mall.

As I looked at the store, debating between tried and true The Gap and J. Crew, I sort of figured that while I love their style, to be perfectly honest, I am not quite a skinny mini.  And then I saw White House Black Market and thought I’d go there – after all, if it’s good enough for the First Lady, then why not this HotMama…so off I went.

I am always nervous going into a new store – especially with a baby in tow.  I had no idea about the price range or style.  I sort of knew what I wanted – a dressy top or two for the upcoming festive season, something that would flatter and disguise my still present bulge, without making me look like I was wearing a mummu.

Well, I popped in and a nice saleslady asked what I was looking for – not the generic do you need help…but a more specific question that got me to answer – “Tops, something festive, but not too dressy, to wear with pants…And I am sort of fond of V necks…”  And with that, the sales lady offered to “pull” some things for me – after a discrete inquiry into my size (which was nice of her, because I am pretty sure the big L is right on my front…or back).

She also picked a pair of black pants and a nice heel so I could try on my outfits.  After trying on 6 or so tops later, I walked out with two – one black, and one pinkish.  One was on sale – booyah!  And the other one was reasonable – I could totally justify it as part of my transitional (from newly post pregnant to svelte again) wardrobe.
So the HotMama gives a shout out to WhiteHouse Black Market – it’s not just black and white, so check out a store near you.   Plus they’re having a free shipping deal now…

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