Your Questions About Moma

Daniel asks…

How to keep pups from dying after moma dog dies? Pups are 1 week old, been bottle feeding since 3 days old?

Moma dog had milk when pups were born but when I checked her on the 3rd day she was completely dry so I started to bottle feed with goats milk combined with water (instructions from Vet). Have 3 that were healthy yesterday but this morning seem to have lost half their weight and do not want to eat. ANY SOLUTIONS WELCOME, THANKS!

richmama answers:

Have your breeding mentor come over right away and show you how to tube the puppies with AN APPROPRIATE formula.

Sandra asks…

Where can i watch baby moma and other movies for free?

ON the internet!
i dont want to download them either!i have asked this question before and everyone that answered gave me links to places that make you download or have foxwire…i really want to watch baby moma!
please help!

richmama answers:

Watch over 80 Million Movies on the Internet For FREE.
100% Legal!

Steven asks…

Where can i buy furniture similar to the kind of furniture they have at MOMA?

I love Moma but there isnt one in the state i live and its also very expensive. can u give me a link with cheaper just as arty furniture as MoMA?

richmama answers:

Unless I am missing something MOMA is the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and their pieces are not for sale. But I guess if you know of some store front business with a similar name than it would be high end designer pieces. Pieces like that are not mass produced because there is no market in the general population. Even if it is for some pieces they are still highly expensive. The Eames chair has been copied from the original but still costs a grand or two even as a copy. This is special designer product so you won’t find it. Save your money and buy what you like when you can afford it.

Michael asks…

how to stop my kittens from nursing on the moma cat?

i have two kittens and the moma cat they are 3 months old we already had the moma cat fixed but they still try to nurse its getting to where here nipple is getting a sore from them is there anythingi can do to stop them?

richmama answers:

You really should’ve waited until they were weened until spaying your cat. Now you can either bring them somewhere where they can be fed safely or you could hand-feed them a formula with an eye-dropper. My cat had four kittens and one wasn’t done nursing when his mother stopped producing milk but we were able to keep it alive and healthy even though his siblings were on solids because we fed him a simple, inexpensive baby formula.

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