Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday Weight Gain

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

How can you avoid the holiday weight gain and turn into holiday weight loss?  Re you like most moms and do you dread the arrival of Halloween because you know it means two months of pounds packing?   It all starts with that one little bit of candy corn a few weeks before, then escalates to mini-candy bars, only to be followed by turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and pie — sometimes two kinds.

And you head into the end of the year – a Christmas party here, a Christmas party there, making cookies with the kids…and then its New Years – with its champagne and seafood and before you know it, you step on that scale and gasp.   If the average person packs on a few pounds throughout the year, do you know when most of it happens?  Yup the last 3 months.

So do you have to resign yourself to gaining weight during the holiday season?   After all it’s a pretty lethal mix – license to eat almost anything, alcohol flowing freely, colder weather, shorter days.  It’s the exact opposite of eat less and move more.   So what’s a HotMama to do?  No you do not have to accept holiday weight gain.   Repeat after me.  You do not have to gain weight.  In fact you could even turn it around into holiday weight loss.


  • Clean House – Don’t buy your Halloween candy early. Or the rest of the holiday treats.   This way you won’t have an opportunity to snack leading up to the big day.  And get rid of the extra as soon as possible.  Bring it into the office.  Or check out Operation Shoebox, which accepts candy to send to troops overseas.
  • Plan Ahead – if you know you have a party coming up, and don’t want deprive yourself of all the tasty treats, plan on lightening up ahead of time.  Skip your desserts, drink the coffee black, leave the dinner roll aside – even shaving a few non-essential calories a day can help you avoid gaining weight during the party season.
  • Move More – It can be even harder to fit in an exercise session during the holidays, so when you can, try to tack on a few extra minutes.  Even an extra five minutes here and there will add up and help you avoid weight gain.
  • Drink Less – alcohol seems to be part and parcel of the holiday season.  And while we’re not suggesting you give up your glass of wine, try interspersing your drinks with sparking water.  On days when you’re not partying, skip the drinks all together. At about 100 calories a drink, just saying no can really help your waistline.

So take heart – holiday weight gain doesn’t have to happen