Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Checklist

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Can You Avoid Holiday Weight Gain This Year?

Ok, it’s revving up to be Turkey Time HotMamas, and you know what that means…the season of eating is upon us.  So how can we turn off the holiday weight gain?  Here are just a few more HotMama tips to turn holiday weight gain, into dare we say it, holiday weight loss…

-Watch the passed hors d’oeuvres – most are about 100 calories a piece, which doesn’t seem bad until you realize that you have had what, maybe 10 or so of them and YOU’RE STILL HUNGRY…so pick and choose carefully.  Skip anything lightish brown in color since it indicates fried and go for brightly colored foods like salmon or veggies, which are lower in calories and better for you.  You an have some chicken satay (though dealing with those skewers is tricky) if you don’t dip in the peanut sauce

– Watch what you drink.  Stay away from alcohol concoction like Gingerbread Cosmos which are probably stoked with calories.  Go for a wine spritzer or have a galss of vino and then some club soda – the bubbles will make you feel fuller

– Beware the buffet – trends show that people tend to help themselves to twice as much food at a buffet than at a served meal.  So follow this simple visual rule – fill your plate with 2/3rds vegetables or salads, with some lean protein.  That leaves less room for breads, desserts and other heavy stuff.

So go forth HotMamas and party safely.  Holiday weight gain is not inevitable – just follow a few simple tricks and you’ll be one of the few who doesn’t have to add “Lose weight” to that list of New Year’s Resolutions…