Your Questions About Reading Books In Itunes

Donna asksā€¦

Can I read eBooks in my iPod Nano 5th Generation?

Is it possible to read books in my iPod Nano? I downloaded a free book from iTunes and said the book is compatible with 5th gen nanos but my iPod doesn’t seem to be accepting it. Help please, thank you!! šŸ™‚

richmama answers:


Richard asksā€¦

If you buy an audiobook on itunes, does it read the real book almost word by word or miss out loads?

Does it miss out the little things in books that are enjoyable? Theres a book thats 3 hours and 15 mins long and I don’t think the actual book could be read that quickly.
(Its Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella)

richmama answers:

Hi there,

Usually, it doesn’t. “Remember me” is a rather short novel, I finished it in a little under three hours, so it is perfectly possible that the audiobook is that short.

If it says “abridged”, it will be shorter than the original. “Unabridged” versions are not shorter than the novel.

Be sure to listen to the preview, though. Readers’ voices are not all alike, and you have to like the voice. I bought an audiobook once without doing that, and I detested the voice of the reader.


Edit. Just looked into iTunes. The unabridged version is almost thirteen hours – either I am a very quick reader, or the text version I had was abridged… šŸ˜€

Betty asksā€¦

3 questions in one. Books, Hair & Itunes.?

Okay first question about Itunes.
Yesterday, i had a friend over, and since she has dial up and no itunes on her cmputer, she asked me, with high speed and itunes to download my songs on her ipod. But when i plugged her ipod in, it said i needed to download Itunes 8.0 + to acutaly beable to put songs on her ipod .. so i deleted the itunes out of my system. No where was it found. I went on and downloaded itunes, it popped up on my desktop but when i clicked on it it said:
The Itunes application could not be opened. A required iTunes component is not installed. PLease repair or reinstall Quick Time (-42404) . So i did that, he popped up on my desktop, but when i clicked on itunes , it still said the same thing. So i redownloaded itunes and another time for quick play, but it still wouldnt work. I restarted my computer, thinking maybe that would help but it didnt. So i left it for a day, so today, i went on and clicked itunes it still said it wouldnt work. I also have my ipod plugged in but it still wont work.
What should i do, because i really need to put some new songs on my ipod?!

My hair is naturally puffy and wavy. I wash my hair at night, and leave it for morrning, because it when i lay down on it, it flattens it some. When i straighten it, my left side of my head straigtens perfectly, but my right side has a piece THAT WILL NOT STRAIGTEN, no matter what i do, i’ve let my straigtner mingle on that bunch of hair, but yet it still flips out MAJOR. Can anyone help. And i have a conair infiniti straitning iron. Pleaaaaaaase help.

Have anyone of you guys read any Sarah Dessen books? Well i’ve read a couple and i just wanted to know if you guys like Sarah Dessen like the way i do. My favorite book was ‘ The truth about forever ‘. It was an amazing book,. and it changed my life. I’ve also read, Just listen, and i’m currently reading ‘ Dreamland.’ .. Which is your favorite book of hers, and which have you read. And why is that favorite your favorite, what makes it so special?

Thanks for reading all this if you did, i know it’s pretty long , and lots of spelling mistakes but i’m in a hurry. Thanks once again ! (:

richmama answers:

ITunes- I have no idea, sorry. Have you definitely uninstalled it and not just deleted it?

Hair – I had that problem! Then I realized my Straighteners weren’t on a high heat. So I turned the heat up on them then they straightened that stupid piece of hair at the back. Once you’ve washed it why don’t you dry it with a hairdryer, making sure you’re keeping it as straight as possible so it is easier to straighten? Then use a straightening serum and slowly straighten that strand of hair – slow and gentle – but then if that doesn’t work, why don’t you experiment with your hair?
Change some of your hair around, like making it messy or curling it so you don’t notice the random sticky up bit.

Books- I haven’t actually read any of her books. I think I might look for ‘The truth about forever’ though, if it seems to have changed your life! I like Jodi Piccoults books…

Sorry I had pants answers haha.

Steven asksā€¦

I dont have the kindle, but can i buy the kindle version of books and read on my compuer?

like i said in the question, i dont have the amazon kindle. however, i was thinking about ipods and how you can just listen music that you purchased through itunes on your computer. can i read the kindle versions of books on my computer?

richmama answers:

No, the Kindle foprmat is proprietary and only works on the device.

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Your Questions About How To Read Books In Itunes

Ruth asksā€¦

I read in a book once, that there was a way to add ‘tags’ or something to songs on itunes…? How?

Apparently you can add ‘tags’ to songs on itunes so you can find things easier on itunes, but i dont know how… help me?

richmama answers:

Highlight the song and click control i

James asksā€¦

When will twilight be avalible for purchase in the itunes store?

i havnt seen twilight cant be screwed reading the book so i was wondering
1. When its avalible for purchase in the iTunes store
2. around about how much it will cost to purchase.


richmama answers:

The DVD will be released March 21st 2009… ITunes will most likely be releasing it around that date. They may have a Pre-Order option around February… That way, as soon as the movie comes out on iTunes, it will automatically download into your library. It will cost $19.99 for iTunes. I would suggest getting the movie in store, because you get special features with the DVD… And the DVD may come with a digital copy which allows you to put the movie on iTunes, that that you can watch it your iPod/iPhone.

Hope this helped!

Lizzie asksā€¦

Problem with ITunes + IPOD…pls read on and help..Thanxx?

I have a playlist shown on my IPOD. I want to delete it. On the actual IPOD there is no option to ‘delete’ it.
In my ITunes the ‘playlist’ is not shown / listed.
How do I delete it?
I even have been consulting ITunes books etc & no joy, pls help.

richmama answers:

If you sync to get music onto the iPod the re-sync option may work. If you manually manage your music, connect the iPod to iTunes. Then single click on the playlist on the iPod (purely to make sure you’ve got the right playlist). Then right click on it and select delete from the floating menu.

Linda asksā€¦

how do i add artwork to my audiobook on itunes?

okay i recorded myself reading my favorite book, and I got it in the audiobook tab on itunes and i don’t know hot to get artwork for it? so basicly how do I get artwork for an itunes adiobook?

richmama answers:

Rightclick on the audiobook, and click on “Get Info”. On the artwork tab, you should be able to add artwork.

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