Your Questions About Reading Pictures Free

Steven asks…

How do i combine two or more pictures into one for free? Read Describtion?

How can i combine two or more pictures into one, for example this . So how can i take a jersey of a sports team and put it on any random player for example, or take my brothers head and put it on my body in a picture?

richmama answers:

I can do it with Photoshop, but Photoshop is really expensive. You can download a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) that has most of Photoshop’s capabilities but it’s free.


But it will take you a while to figure out GIMP, and then it will take some practice before you can do it very well.

Chris asks…

How do you use free image hosting to put pictures in your description on Ebay?

I starting selling on Ebay and I keep reading that people use free image hosting to insert pictures into their description box. Does anyone know how to do this? And do you have to learn HTML to do it? If anyone has any answers, please share them with me.

richmama answers:

HTML doesn’t need to be learned to do this although the language is handy. Go onto, upload your photo and copy the text in the ‘HTML Code’ tab into your description and et voila.

Sandy asks…

does anyone no where i can read manga with the pictures for free?

i need something to read and look at. I am making a comic book 4 my art work. HELP!

richmama answers:

If you can’t find it on try

Thomas asks…

where can I find royalty-free pictures and animations to post on my web site?

I’m designing a simple website to feature sight reading words to aid in my teaching. I’d need several hundreds simple pictures to illustrate the nouns, verbs, etc. Animations would be nice too. Where can I find them? — A paid service would be okay.

richmama answers:

Just type “Stock photos” into google, and take your pick of LONG lists of sites offering royalty-free (some paid)

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